16 Unique and Affordable Party Favour Ideas for Your Next Celebration

16 unique and affordable party favour ideas for your next celebration

Celebrations bring together the people you love to mark life’s most memorable occasions. Part of the tradition is to share a party favour with guests to thank them for attending. To help you share a clever little token, use one of our 16 unique and affordable party favour ideas for your next celebration.

1. Personalized Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are practical gifts guests can use to hang their kids’ latest art projects, appointment reminders, and photos. Whether you create a fun message, add an image of yourself, or mark the date and the celebration you are commemorating, you can create a unique party favour with a one-of-a-kind design.

2. Flavoured Olive Oil and Vinegar

Olive oil and vinegar are ingredients most people consider a pantry staple. You can order these gifts in bulk and affix a personalized label to create an unexpected party favour most guests will happily use.

3. Hot Chocolate Mason Jars

You can purchase a few bulk cans of your favourite hot chocolate brand and fun containers like mason jars at the dollar store to create individual hot chocolate servings complete with marshmallows and a personalized label. This cozy idea is the ultimate gift for fall and winter celebrations.

4. DIY Hangover Kit

If you have a group of guests who tend to overindulge at celebrations, add a little humour into the mix with a DIY hangover kit. Package the kit in something fun from the dollar store and toss in some individual packs of aspirin, antacids, a cheap pair of sunglasses, coffee, etc., to help guests recover from the event.

5. Personalized Treats

Everyone loves treats. Put together a goody bag with your favourite snacks, such as homemade snack mix, candied nuts, chocolate-covered almonds, pretzels, etc. Tie it with a ribbon and attach a personalized note as a finishing touch.

6. Cocktail Kit

Buy an assortment of mini liquor bottles and place them in a dollar store glass with instructions to make a cocktail. Give it a clever name to help mark the occasion, such as Meg’s 45th Tini or Bob’s Stag Side Car.

Another idea is to gift a mini bottle of something like scotch or whiskey for a birthday party, with a funny tag bragging, “Aged to Perfection Just Like Sam.”

7. Tea Satchels

Let people know you think they’re Teariffic with a cute satchel packed with an assortment of tea bags. It’s ideal for elegant, quiet affairs like 50th anniversaries, weddings, christenings, or baby showers. You can also opt for little dollar-store canisters filled with loose-leaf tea and a personalized label.

8. Tiny Plants

Small potted plants are eco-friendly gifts in clay pots, ready to plant in the garden or place on a window sill. Guests will think of you whenever they water it. You can include a little poem about love and nurturing to make it more personalized and meaningful. Seedlings also work well, as they can be given in affordable biodegradable planters.

9. Handmade Beeswax Candles

Handmade beeswax candles are lovely. You can choose wax sheets in colours matching your party theme to add a decorative touch to your tables. Wrap them with a note and delicate dried flowers to make them even prettier. Guests will love the fact that you made them yourself.

10. Gourmet Coffee

Burlap sacks packed with a few servings of gourmet coffee and wrapped with rustic twine are the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift, subtly referencing a possible hangover. However, they also make a practical gift for less raucous affairs.

11. Pretty Macarons

Who can resist a colourful stack of sweet macarons? The crisp shell, delicate, chewy center, and yummy buttercream will please every guest on your list. Place them in see-through cellophane packages and tie them with a ribbon to perfect their presentation.

12. Jam or Honey

Whip up a batch of homemade seasonal fruit jam and share it with guests in small mason jars. This token is the perfect little gift, especially when you include your jam recipe. Honey is another sweet gift people appreciate. The jar’s cheerful golden glow is made all the more appealing when the lid is topped with a country fabric affixed with twine.

13. Handprinted Bookmarks

Indulge your inner artist and create handprinted bookmarks for your guests. You can use several methods, from hand-sewn strips of fabric to recycled paper stamped with a customized stamp and ink pad.

If you’re not the creative, DIY type, you can also work with a local printer to create a design with a clever quote as an affordable party favour idea.

14. Customized Cookies

Cookies with a customized design and message might only last briefly as a keepsake. Still, they will undoubtedly be a welcome sight for guests with a sweet tooth. You can also gift homemade cookies and insert a recipe card into the packet so guests can recreate the memory whenever they have a hankering for a sweet treat.

15. Retro Treats

Retro treats are the ideal gift for birthday celebrations where guests are all similar in age. It brings back great memories, generates nostalgic conversations, and creates a meaningful connection with your guests.

16. Framed Photos

Framed photos are great for weddings, christenings, and anniversary celebrations. Choose an affordable frame for your photo mementos to celebrate the people of the hour, creating a timeless memory everyone will cherish.

Your party favours should be relevant to the celebration and have mass appeal to most of your guests. You can combine many of these ideas to create your own personalized favour or use personalized messaging and packaging to make the idea your own.

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