7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Caterer

Questions to ask before hiring a caterer

Looking for special events catering in Vaughan involves research. Finding the right caterer is a matter of taste, compatibility, and budget. After all, no two catering events are the same. You wouldn’t serve a four-course dinner at a business conference, nor bagels and donuts at a wedding. To facilitate the best catering experience, you must ask key questions up-front. Using the following 7 questions, you can easily determine if the caterer is right for your needs.

1. Are you available for special events catering in Vaughan?

Before you delve into the specifics, your first question should be whether the company is available. Ask if they work in special events catering in Vaughan, and whether they are available for your event’s date. Determine how long you’ll require the caterer for; a lunch may only take a couple of hours, whereas a wedding can take a full day. Inquire as to whether your event is the only one scheduled for that day to ensure that you can get the day-of attention needed. Provided the caterer can accommodate your scheduling needs, you can move on to the next step.

2. What is your experience serving this type of event?

While no two events are identical, there is a major difference between catering a food festival and a graduation dinner. Finding a caterer with specific experience in the area you need goes a long way. It ensures that the company has a proven track record, and that they understand the logistical needs of serving that event type. Ask about their experience with the serving style (buffet, table service, etc.). This tells you whether the staff is able to meet the service needs for the catering.

Also, inquire as to the size of the events that your prospective caterer is used to working with. There is a substantial difference between a crowd of 20 and a crowd of 300, and the caterer should be well equipped to handle the event’s attendees. If there are fewer people, there is more opportunity for interaction and a need for customer service skills. A larger group involves a faster pace and focuses more on logistics. The company should be equipped to meet your specific needs.

3. Do you provide all of the rental equipment?

Depending on your venue, you’ll need different amounts of catering equipment. For instance, if you plan your event at a venue with all the tables and chairs, it’s less demanding on the caterer. Many venues provide rental services, and it’s important to avoid doubling up. Ask the caterer what they offer (silverware, glasses, plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc.). This can help you determine if the caterer provides everything you need for a quality meal. It’s reported that the physical appearance of a dinner directly impacts taste, and a caterer that accommodates this can help your event succeed.

4. What comes with your events catering package?

It’s paramount to ensure that you know precisely what to expect from your caterer. For both budget and functionality, you must thoroughly understand what you are getting. Though it may seem tedious, itemizing what the caterer provides does two key things:

  1. It ensures that you work within your pre-set budget. By understanding what you will pay (including fees and taxes), you can prevent overspending and stick to the plan.
  2. It assures you that all the necessary services are covered. A written list of services offered helps ensure that you get what you pay for and know what to expect.

For instance, if the caterer doesn’t offer clean-up services, then you’ll need to outsource that service. Check what the package offers and how much it costs before moving on to the next question.

5. Are there any extra costs?

To be absolutely certain there’s no risk of hidden fees, the best solution is to simply ask. Inquire if there are any extra fees. Some companies include a deposit for supplies, fees for damage, or steeper prices for overtime. By inquiring what, if any, extra charges the caterer may demand, you can make a fully informed decision. For instance, a wedding reception may go longer than expected, and knowing how the fees work can help you budget for this possibility.

6. Is the menu fixed or custom-designed?

Some specialized caterers offer pre-fixed menus, giving event planners a choice between three to five options. In other situations, the caterer will allow the event organizers to design a custom menu. This typically involves menu tastings to determine the best-suited dishes. Caterers who offer fixed menus are often more affordable, though they can be rigid in terms of what food you can get. Conversely, companies that offer more options tend to cost more and require more of a time investment for the planner.

7. Do you have valid licenses and insurance?

From health and safety regulations to business licenses and liability insurance, running a catering company means possessing valid credentials. Before you decide on a caterer, it’s critical to determine that the company is legally qualified to do the job. The business requires a license, a permit for food service (and alcohol, if applicable), as well as liability insurance to mitigate risk. Ensure that the caterer has all the appropriate qualifications to take on the event. Provided they do, and answers to the above questions are amenable, you can keep the caterer in the running.

Special Events Catering in Vaughan

The best way to shore up special events catering in Vaughan is to ask these questions of multiple businesses. Each company has something special to offer, and curating a perfect event is a matter of finding a compatible caterer for your style. Once you’ve gathered information on local catering companies, you can see which offer most closely meets your needs. From budget to food quality, service to timing, catering is a major consideration. When it’s executed properly, the taste and customer service experience can make your special event one to remember.

To learn more about catering a special event at Château Le Jardin, call us at 289-236-1903 or send us a message here. We can’t wait to help you curate the perfect event!

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