8 Things Brides Should Consider Before Finalizing Their Bridal Hairstyle

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Try Your Own Unique Approach

Every bride deserves to showcase her personality and style on her big day. Whether you are reserved and prefer a more traditional, classic look, or whether you are fun-loving and take a shine to a more wild, wispy vibe, there is a hairstyle out there that will make you feel special. And you shouldn’t wait till the last minute to decide, as there is much to consider.

There’s enough to stress over when it comes to wedding planning, and your coif should not be one of those things.

Hair can be a joyful expression of who you are and the tone you want to set for the event. When every head turns to see you walk down the aisle, you want them to grasp not only at the dress and your makeup, shoes, jewelry, etc., but also your hair.

Choosing an Overall Concept

Everyone lives a busy lifestyle, and in everyday life, your hair can sometimes become an afterthought.

On your wedding day, you can have the dream hairstyle you always wanted. Why not start by messing around at home, and trying a few different ways to part your hair, a few different texture options, and considering an up-do versus down versus half-up?

Once you’ve had the chance to brainstorm on your own, and with family and friends, you will begin to arrive at an overall concept or direction. Think of what mood or message you want to convey.

Those 8 Important Factors:

  1. The Neckline of The Dress

    For example, since a round neckline accentuates the collarbone, you may want to highlight the effect by using an up-do. Consider a bun or stylized pony with accessories. Whereas with a v-neck, since the décolletage is being emphasized, a half-up may help to balance out the look and draw the eye to multiple points on your face and upper body.

    For a square neckline, a free-flowing hairstyle can be attractive and flattering. Go for a beachy, wavy look, or even tight, springy curls for thicker hair.

  2. Face Shape

    For oval faces, a middle part with a slicked-back look can be very striking and pretty. With heart-shaped faces, an up-do with some wisps left to curl along the ears and cheekbones is suitable. Or for a super edgy look, consider a partial undercut with an amazing pattern shaved into it.

    For square faces, avoid a blunt cut or heavy bangs, unless you’re going for a severe look. And for round faces, an asymmetrical part worked into a fun half-up with waves or curls in an option.

  3. Hair Texture

    Hair products will only get you so far in terms of managing or adjusting the texture of your hair, so it’s important to select a style that isn’t too much of a stretch. Fine hair is hard to curl. It can take well to chemicals, but gets damaged if overly processed. If you intend to dye or treat your hair prior to the wedding, speak to your stylist about getting the timing right.

    For medium-textured hair, a wide variety of options are available, such as straightening and curling, as well as using products such as wax and hairspray.

    For hair with a coarse texture, its strength and durability is a major plus. It doesn’t damage easily, so braiding and accessorizing are excellent choices. Treatments and dyes are also an option, though you may have to be patient because processing can take longer with the strong texture.

  4. Your Stature

    Fun size, pocket rocket, petite. If you’ve got a lot of spirit but not a lot of height, there are certain hairstyles that can complement your diminutive frame. Consider an up-do designed to increase volume and add a few inches. From the back, a long, tapered braid can visually elongate your stature.

    If you are medium height to tall, a side part with pin-straight hair should be flattering. If straight hair isn’t your thing, you could add an asymmetrical accessory such as a hairband to balance everything out.

  5. Colour Scheme

    Make sure that your hair colour, whether natural or dyed, doesn’t clash with your colour scheme.

  6. Hair Length

    The eternal question of bridal hairstyle planning is whether to keep your hair at its usual length, grow it out/add extensions, or cut it. This is such an individual choice. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to make a major alteration to your hair length, it’s advisable to do so awhile prior to the wedding day. That way you can get used to the quirks and the feeling of the new length rather than fussing over it on the day of.

  7. Accessories

    There are so many choices when it comes to bridal hair accessories. Maybe you could incorporate the tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed…” by using an antique hair clip, a loaned item from a relative, or a pin received during your bridal shower.

  8. Product Intolerances

    Even organic or all-natural products can cause an irritation for people with sensitivities, as they may still contain a perfume or other irritant that should be avoided. Always test a new product at least a few weeks prior to the ceremony.

Putting it All Together

It makes sense to keep in mind how your look will appear alongside those of your bridesmaids, maid of honour, mother of the bride, and others in your wedding party. Maybe you want the styles to match, or to contrast sharply or subtly, or to complement without being too matchy-matchy.

Definitely consider trying out the style a few times before the big day, so that if there is any pulling, tightness, or dangling tresses that cause a slight itch or another discomfort, you can make adjustments as needed without the pressure of a time crunch.

Ultimately, you should always go with a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

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