9 Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor weddings have always been a favourite in the summer months. However, they have even become chic in off-seasons, especially the lovely fall. With nature as your backdrop, how can you go wrong?  If you are leaning towards an outdoor wedding, there are several things you need to consider that you wouldn’t for an indoor wedding. Here we offer nine pro tips for planning the idyllic outdoor wedding.

1. Here Comes the Sun

You’ll hope and pray for the sun on your wedding day, but you might not be prepared for some of the inconveniences brilliant sun presents. First, you’ll have to slather on the sun protection to avoid sunburn that can ruin your day, your reception, and your wedding night.

Second, the glare from the sun during the ceremony can make you look awful, with all that squinting and putting your hand up for some shade. Be sure you aren’t facing directly into the sun while you exchange your vows.

Third, you also want to allow your guests to be able to see what’s going on, so they can’t be facing directly into the sun either! If the wedding venue Vaughan couples choose has little shade, consider speaking to them about bringing in something to provide shade. There are many options to rent, including kite-style tents to protect you from the sun’s unforgiving heat and glare.

2. Picture Perfect Positions

Speak to your photographer to discuss how the sunlight will impact your wedding photos. What is the best place to stand during the ceremony? Where should you position your wedding party table? Is there a better place for your speeches? Consider all the aspects of your venue and choose the position throughout the day to change with the sun.

It makes sense to check out the venue with your photographer at the same time as your ceremony and reception. This will help determine where you will get the best shots based on the sun’s position.

Don’t go on an overcast or rainy day, and make sure your timing is perfect so you know exactly what to expect. Of course, if you’re visiting months out, the sun’s position will change, so be sure your reconnaissance is closer to the wedding date.

3. Consider Guest Comfort

The sun can also be uncomfortable for guests. If it seems your guests will have no other choice than to sit in the sun, consider having fun props to keep them comfortable such as themed parasols or umbrellas. Speak to your venue to see if they have any suggestions or another area where shade occurs naturally when your wedding takes place.

Older or unwell guests will find it difficult to sit in the heat for too long, so see if you can at least have something like a temporary kite tent they can sit under as VIP seating. It’s also a good idea to have an additional shady spot with extra seating just in case people feel faint and need to get out of the sun.

4. Hydrate!

Weddings are hectic, and it’s easy for you and your guests to forget to hydrate. Make it easy for everyone to access water with refreshment tables or buckets filled with ice and cool drinks, preferably water. This is important at the ceremony where drinks are not traditionally available.

When the champagne and cocktails come out, it’s also essential to keep water handy on tables, as well as at the bar and wherever you might have food laid out. You can mix it up a bit with refreshing iced tea urns or lemonade. You can even choose drinks that are pretty and suit your colour theme to add to the decorations.

5. Think Summer Light Foods

Keep the season in mind when planning your food and drinks. For example, you’ll want to avoid having boiling serving trays at the buffet. A great idea is to have an open grill with mouthwatering barbecue, so chefs can serve people right from the grill instead of standing over the warming trays themselves.

Your appetizers should also be cool and breezy, like fresh fruit, elegant salad skewers, or a chilled soup like vichyssoise. Have fun with desserts serving adult popsicles, setting up an ice cream sundae bar, or creating a fresh fruit display with a chocolate fountain. You want foods that can be easily kept at the ideal temperature without the risk of spoiling in the heat!

6. Makeup Strategy

Your summer makeup will be in for a challenge if your wedding day is on a hot day. Ensure you speak to a makeup artist specializing in weddings for tips on the best makeup to wear. They can also suggest what to have handy for touch-ups and foundations and lipsticks that include an SPF. You want your makeup flawless for your photos.

7. Provide Shelter from the Heat

That sunny day is undoubtedly a blessing, but it can also make it difficult for people to enjoy the entire day outdoors. Make sure you choose a venue that offers shelter from the heat, with an air-conditioned space.

8. Shoe Appropriate

Consider the outdoor terrain and how it might pose a hazard for women in those strappy, adorable yet dangerous sandals. Ask your venue if they lay down some form of safe pathways, or choose a venue with hard-surfaced paths, so no one twists an ankle.

If your spot is ultra-natural, consider having a bucket of one size fits all flip flops so people can change into safer shoes. And don’t forget your walk down the aisle and the area where the wedding party has to stand. You don’t want to sink into the landscape as you exchange vows!

9. Rainy Day Blues

Don’t let bad weather rain on your parade. Be sure your venue offers a solution should the weather prove to be less than perfect. While a cold day is a little easier to manage, torrential downpours are a real problem. Solutions will include having tents ready to put up if the weather calls for rain and outdoor heaters should the weather turn cold.

These tips will help ensure your outdoor wedding is all about romance and love, without any worries, no matter what comes.

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