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Throwing a summer camp themed birthday party is a great idea for the kid who just can’t get enough of camp! Whether it’s summer and your child is missing out on camp, or if you’re looking to bring a touch of summer to the cold winter, here are some easy ways to bring summer camp to you!
Camp Essentials
Décor plays a major factor in bringing in the summer camp feel. Decorating ideas could include:

  • Campfire! Even if you don’t have a roaring fire, you can evoke one using votive candles surrounded by rocks, twigs, pinecones, or whatever other outdoorsy touches you’d like to add.
  • Classic outdoorsy prints like plaid or gingham create a cozy camping atmosphere.
  • Lanterns will add to the magical atmosphere; you can find affordable ones at Ikea!

Food And Drink
Because of the camp theme, you can keep the refreshments simple. Fresh fruit, especially summery fruit like watermelon, veggies, trail mix, dried fruit, and chips are all easy munchies that will remind everyone of their summer camp days.
For a more substantial meal, nothing beats a barbeque! Hotdogs and hamburgers are easy and satisfying meal. Sides could include corn on the cob, potato salad, or fries. The main event however, is of course the S’mores! There are so many ways to incorporate this classic dessert into the party.
DIY S’mores are also a great activity for the kids, provided there is a space for cooking. Providing graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate is fun enough, but you could also get creative with the toppings. Peanut butter, cookie dough, banana slices, butterscotch… the list of sugary delights goes on and on! If DIY S’mores isn’t an option, they can always be incorporated into the birthday cake itself, as in the example here. S’mores inspired recipes are endless—cupcakes, cakes, pies, ice-cream—all can be found within a single internet search.
One of the best parts of throwing a camp themed birthday (aside from the s’mores), are the many choices of activities to keep the atendees occupied. A big part of camp is sports. If you have the space, setting up areas for kids to play volleyball, badminton, frisbee or soccer will keep them occupied for hours.
There are still lots of camp themed activities that guests can do indoors. Arts and crafts are a big part of camp. The guests could weave friendship bracelets, or work on their painting or drawing. Buying items like pillowcases or volleyballs that the kids can then decorate themselves is a great way to combine an activity with a party favor!
Between the decorations, activities, and refreshments, it’s easy to bring summer camp to you and your family!