Fall Wedding: How to Get the Best Photos

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Fall weddings in Ontario offer the things that dream weddings are made of. Perfect, crisp weather, fewer people away on summer vacation, less demand for wedding venues and the stunning backdrop of brilliant autumnal colours. With so much in your favour, you want to be sure to capture every moment, with stunning photos that take full advantage of the bold colours of fall.

Finding the right spot for photos, being prepared for potential weather challenges, and taking advantage of nature’s best bits will ensure a stunning backdrop for your fall wedding photos. Here are some tips to help you capture picture-perfect moments of your fall wedding.

Create a Schedule

This is wedding photos 101. Any wedding photoshoot should have a schedule that helps keep things moving. From the first shots of the bride and groom getting dressed, to the bride’s arrival at the wedding venue and from shots taken with family and the wedding party to specialty shots at a chosen site, a lot has to be planned to get the images you want.

Discuss what you expect for your album with your photographer, and they will be able to help set the schedule. You also have to consider if you want special images shot at a special spot such as a country road, a farm, a pumpkin patch, or a hill overlooking the valley’s stunning colours below. These are the key features you want to take full advantage of for your fall wedding. Consider travel time to and from your photoshoot and make sure it fits in with your venue location.

Weather Challenges

With global warming, you might very well encounter some warmer weather. However, in most cases, October tends to be a bit chilly. With luck, you won’t run into stormy weather, but it is still a possibility. Make sure you bring something warm for the bride and her party to slip on, such as a faux fur wrap or elegant shrug. The groom and his posse will probably be fine in their tuxes.

In the case of rain, your photographer can still get in some beautiful shots between showers, or even get creative and use cute umbrellas as props! Another option is to ask your photographer if you can arrange an alternate date when the weather is better. Your actual wedding ceremony, getting-ready candids, and reception shots can all be captured on the wedding day.

Don’t Miss the Fall Colours

As mentioned, you want to take advantage of nature’s vibrant colour palette for your fall wedding. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Choose a venue or ceremony spot with a garden, forested area, or an impressive foyer and architectural details, in case the weather forces you indoors
  • Choose a farm or country road with stunning trees for a background
  • Use someone’s backyard
  • Book a time at a local park such as Kortright Centre, High Park, or along the Credit Valley.

Just make sure you understand restrictions and whether you can find a spot without competition from other fall couples!

Consider the Details

Fall is a great time of year for some intriguing props. You can choose whimsical things such as pumpkins and sunflowers, or go for something more sophisticated with wheat sheaves or birch branches.

If you’re having a fun Halloween wedding, there’s no end to the props you can use. It’s all about your personality and the tone you wish to set for your wedding photos. A lot of effort goes into planning the décor for your ceremony and reception. Make sure your photographer captures some artfully shot stills that provide instant memories of your special day.

Have Fun

Although some couples love the idea of dramatic, romantic photos, it’s always nice to have some more whimsical shots of you interacting more naturally. It boils down to your personalities.

When you look back, you’ll want to see how much love you shared. Images should make you smile when you see how much fun you had on your wedding day. The fall offers ample opportunity to get silly with shots of the bride and groom under a shower of falling autumn leaves, blowing bull rush seeds in the wind, running hand in hand down a country road, or even picking apples in an orchard.

There is no limit to the whimsy you can add to your photos. If the weather is cold, you can even have shots wrapped under a blanket together, or both of you under an umbrella in the rain; your eyes turned upwards in the hopes that it will soon stop.

Include Personality

As with the above, making it clear you’re having fun makes your images more memorable. If you share a common interest that can be included in your photos, or a theme for your wedding that can be incorporated, you will add more of your personality to your photo album.

This could be anything from avid scuba divers wearing flippers and snorkels to foodies holding a bouquet of fresh vegetables. Being creative with your wedding photos helps set you apart from the same old same old images most couples end up with.

Patience with Kids

If kids will be included in your wedding photos, it is often best to get those photos out of the way first. Working with your photographer, discuss the ideal images you wish to capture and add them in the most logical place on your schedule.

Kids can be difficult to “wrangle” for photos, and the younger they are, the more challenging it becomes. It gets even worse if the weather is cold and damp. Make sure you are prepared and that their parents are also present to help manage them.

Shyness, hunger, fatigue, and just the day’s excitement can all add to a child being uncooperative. A pretty wrapped gift or treat is an excellent incentive for them to participate.

Fall weddings offer the ultimate backdrop for your wedding photos. These tips will help make the most of your photoshoot — whatever the weather!

To learn more about getting the best photos of your fall wedding and finding the perfect wedding venue in Vaughan, call Chateau le Jardin at 905-851-2200 or contact us here.

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