How to Avoid Becoming Bridezilla: 9 Top Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

How to avoid becoming bridezilla: 9 top tips you dont want to miss

When the pressure’s on to deliver a flawless wedding, those high expectations can cause you to break under the pressure and stress of it all, awakening your inner “bridezilla”. Bridezillas run amok, wreaking havoc among family members, friends, wedding vendors, and their wedding venues, setting a negative tone for your wedding day.

Thus, here are nine top tips you don’t want to miss to help you maintain your composure and avoid becoming a dreaded bridezilla!

1. Plan for the worst, hope for the best

This is the most important tip of them all. Even the best-laid plans can run afoul due to circumstances beyond your control.

Whether it’s not getting the venue you’ve always envisioned, skyrocketing wedding costs in Toronto interfering with your plans, in-law interference, or poor vendor service, when you plan for the worst, and hope for the best, you are mentally prepared to handle issues tactfully and calmly.

2. Make sure you’re listening

Brides can get so caught up in their own expectations and ideas that they stop listening to people who deserve a say in the plans (and not just your fiancé). There are many people who will provide input, including family and friends, the in-laws-to-be, vendors, and your maid of honour.

Keeping your mind open and listening to what others have to say allows you to take advantage of good advice, remain respectful of people trying to help, and make the best decisions for a close-to-perfect wedding day.

3. Try to avoid getting emotional

This might seem a little silly, considering wedding days are all about emotions. However, those emotions need to remain positive and focused on love and joy. If you take everything too seriously and allow your emotions to get the better of you when things don’t go your way, you can put a negative spin on your wedding day.

Even worse, you can do some real damage to new relationships that you’re trying to forge with your in-laws and your relationship with your family, fiancé, and friends.

So, while it might be hard to keep calm when someone is dissing your dress, insisting you have chocolate cake when you want vanilla, or your best friend messes up and forgets to order your favourite wine for your bridal shower, avoid getting emotional and remember the day is all about love.

4. Understand why that bridezilla stirs within

Knowing yourself is an important part of marriage. Take time to consider aspects of your personality that could allow that bridezilla in you to stir. What are the triggers most likely to get you angry? Do you tend to set your standards too high, making it impossible for loved ones and vendors to meet your expectations? Do you think the wedding costs in Toronto are getting to you?

Are you a micromanager who is likely to go off the deep end if someone trying to help doesn’t do a good enough job? Do you often treat those serving you as less important and, therefore, can be disrespectful if the service provided isn’t good enough? Are you a bit of a prima donna/diva who needs everything to be perfect?

If you can identify the personality traits most likely to set you off, you can focus on self-improvement to be a better bride, and in turn, a better person. We can all do with a little self-reflection now and then!

5. Set limits and stick to them

Often, bridezillas are simply a reaction to stress. Planning a wedding isn’t easy, and very few brides go into the planning without having high expectations for their special day. However, if you spread yourself too thin, you’re more likely to eventually get burned out, leading to a bridezilla meltdown.

Set limits based on how much you take on, how much you can spend, how many things you can achieve each week, etc. This way, you can manage planning in smaller, easier-to-digest bites. Enlist help from people you trust, and avoid setting unrealistic goals for yourself, the vendors, your fiancé, and loved ones.

6. Take some “me time”

Wedding planning means you’re constantly interacting with others, so you can’t always “be yourself.” Being pressured to make endless decisions you know will make or break your wedding success is stressful.

As a result, it’s important to take some time for relaxation and self-care. By taking breaks, you reduce the stress and pressures that tend to arouse the bridezilla instinct.

7. Be more empathetic

Brides often forget they aren’t the only ones who have waited a lifetime for this special day. Your parents, fiancé, and in-laws-to-be are also very emotionally invested in this occasion. As a result, it’s important to be more empathetic when these critical people in your life share their thoughts and suggestions.

Weddings bring two families together, which means you need to include traditions and cultural elements that reflect that unity. Although this is your day, it is also a commitment to another individual with their own aspirations, tastes, and desires that must be considered when planning your wedding.

This is not to say that you have to include every single suggestion; instead, be willing to discuss ideas. Empathy makes it easier to compromise to ensure both sides of the family traditions are represented in a special and meaningful way.

8. Choose the right venue

Whether it’s wedding costs in Toronto, the stress of wedding planning, emotions running high, or just feeling overwhelmed, you can avoid becoming a bridezilla by choosing the right venue. The average wedding costs in Toronto may be nerve-racking, but sometimes the right experience comes at the right cost. They will have the experience to take on many of the burdens and legwork so you can keep your inner bridezilla at bay.

9. Just breathe

When things aren’t going to plan, just breathe. Whether you count to 10, take a deep breath, or stop yourself from reacting off the cuff, bridezillas only exist when you empower them!

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You’ve got this. Stick to these tips to tame your inner bridezilla, so you don’t ruin having fun making wedding plans, bonding with your new in-laws, and seeing your dreams come true.

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