How to Make a Small Wedding Memorable

How to make a small wedding memorable

The pandemic has changed how people celebrate during wedding season. With Covid-19 sticking around longer than most people anticipated, we’ve had to learn to adapt and celebrate on a smaller scale.

Just because your guest list may need to be smaller than expected, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a night to remember. We’ve put together a list of ideas on how to add some fun decorative touches to your wedding, different ways to personalize it, and a few ideas for making it a bit more Covid friendly. 

Play Around With Colour

When you think of wedding colours, you may think of a traditional black tie theme, with the bride and groom in black and white and the decor as either silver or gold. However, this if your special day – don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. 

Individuality isn’t just a personality trait today but a wedding concept. Brides and grooms worldwide are ditching their efforts to bow down to societal norms. Traditional white dresses for brides have been traded in for a pantsuit, cruelty-free leather, and outfits that you would only see at the Met Gala. 

Earthly colours and rusty weddings have become the talk of the town, and brides with monochromatic colour schemes are the new show stoppers. White and black are no longer the norm, but rather a tinge of versatility at your local wedding. 

Add a Twist to Your Special Day

There are so many little touches you can add to your special day, to make it a memorable one for both you and your guests, such as:

Light Photography 

Light photography, live painters, and food trucks have taken over the wedding industry, and rightfully so! Weddings today aren’t simply limited to DJs, a memorable couple’s dance, and a special reception. 

Intimate Gatherings 

Intimate gatherings allow couples to spend wisely and put their money where they want. It has all come down to the couple’s wishes and desires, not the obligations of family or society. 

Guest experience has become the focus for couples when hiring an event planner. Polaroid booths, personalized details, gifts and presents are the center of attention! Couples are more passionate about big reception parties or bachelorettes as they’re much more eventful, memorable, and personal than a formal wedding. 

Everything Cottagecore 

Cottagecore-themed weddings are celebrated with families and friends who mean the most to you, rather than opting for a destination wedding and spending bills on traditional and formal duties. A bohemian aesthetic never seems to go out of fashion. The trend lives on, and so do the memories. It appears to be the perfect trend for couples that prefer intimacy in all aspects of their lives. 

Party All Weekend 

Full weekend weddings are yet another growing trend. Often, couples camp in the countryside or the woods. They partake in local activities such as farming, fruit picking, and learning the local language or dialect. The family members and close friends also traditionally enjoy meals sourced from the farmer’s market or other local shops. 

Multi-Day Weddings 

Multi-day weddings build a stronger community spirit for the couple with their loved ones, taking it up a notch for intimate or close weddings. The experience is simply magnificent and unparalleled compared to traditional weddings – though they are just as special as traditions have their luxury and charm. It is solely based on the wishes of the couple. 

Want to Personalize Guest Experiences? 

Support Your Local Businesses 

Sourcing food from the local neighbourhoods and markets is a great place to start, not just for your wedding but for other parties, receptions, and family gatherings. 

Another great alternative for sustainability is repurposing flowers used in the marriage by the bridesmaids, maid of honour, and the bride by sending them to a hospital or nursing home. 

You are taking a proactive approach to sustainability and putting smiles on the faces of the elderly and ill. Isn’t that a great way to kick off your new venture in life? 

Ideas for Your New Normal

Champagne Towers

Did you notice that champagne towers are back? If you’re all about dodging the traditional wedding ceremonies, ditch the cake for a champagne tower, and get the party or reception kickstarted! Want to take it up a notch? Mix up the champagne tower with a martini tower. 

Croquembouche Tower 

Not a massive fan of the typical tall wedding cakes? Don’t get one! Opt for a croquembouche or tarts and cupcakes. It’s your day, and you should have complete control over your wants and needs. Pastel colours are back, too, so choose a theme and let it showcase the desserts you will have laid out for your guests! 

Show-Stopping Centerpieces 

Large centrepieces have had their moment, and glass centrepieces have taken over. Prop a rose or any flower to indulge in a cottagecore or bohemian aesthetic. 

The Perfect Send-Off Ideas

And for the glamorous send-off, gather the crowd – Your loved ones around. Are you like us and a fan of all things sparkly and glittery? If that’s the case, a sparkler-filled driveway is a perfect send-off and an unforgettable memory that is forever embedded into the hearts and minds of your loved ones. 


Are you a Tangled fan? Let your inner child come out for the perfect re-creation of a sky filled with lanterns. Or you can go the traditional route with your loved ones showering fresh flower petals on you and your spouse.  

Most importantly, cherish the memories as you set out on this journey of togetherness. If you need Chateau le Jardin to help bring your vision to life, reach us at 1-888-529-8573 or contact us here

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