How to Pick the Best Venues for Your Conferences

How to Pick the Best Venues for Your Conferences

When it comes to choosing an event venue for your conference, it can be stressful finding the right fit. You want a space that can accommodate your guests as well as have the resources to ensure that your conference goes smoothly. Having the right conference venue can make or break your event, as the venue will set the tone for your conference and have a significant impact on your budget. Here are some tips on how to pick the best venue for your conference.


Having a budget in mind will help you figure out the type of venue you can start looking at. If you find a venue that you think is perfect for your conference, it’s worth asking whether you can get a lower price. It’s okay to negotiate, and being flexible on dates can also help you get a discounted rate. Some venues will have a lower cost on certain days of the week. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and find a better price.

Location, Location, Location

You want to ensure that the venue you are choosing for your conference is a convenient and accessible location for your guests. This will maximize attendance at your conference. Don’t forget to figure out accommodations such as public transportation, airport access, and nearby hotels. You also want to ensure that the venue has lots of parking or valet service for those who are driving that day. These small details are important and can make your event a great one. You can also provide additional networking opportunities by making sure that restaurants and other attractions in the area are open before or after your event. Call the venue and arrange a meeting with a representative to figure out the small details.

Ensure there is Enough Seating

You want to make sure that you have a venue that has enough seating to accommodate all of your guests comfortably. The last thing you want is to be over capacity. Ensure that attendees have comfortable seating during the sessions, as well as during breaks. A venue with theatre-style seating can be inconvenient when attendees have to take notes or use their laptops. You also want to avoid a large conference room, as this can make it look like attendees failed to show up. Choose a venue that has an auditorium or something with a light and airy studio and spacious foyer.

Features and Technology

When looking for venues, find one that has all the amenities you need for your event. This includes A/V equipment, microphones, kitchen facilities, and wheelchair access. The last thing you want is technical difficulties or the microphone cutting out. Be mindful of the set-up capacities, such as having enough space to set up seating and tables if needed. Check whether you can utilize break-out rooms and exhibition space, or hire the caterer of your choice. If the venue provides on-site catering, ask whether it can accommodate food allergies or special diets.


On the day of your conference, you want to make sure you have enough support so that your conference goes smoothly and as planned. Ensure that you have enough concierge support, wait staff, and security if you expect a large number of people. You also want to consult with the venue and figure out if there will be a venue coordinator the day of your conference to assist if any issues come up. Having tech support on-site will be convenient to make sure presentations run smoothly, and attendees don’t have issues connecting to the Wi-Fi.


The image of your conference is important, so be mindful of stakeholders and sponsors by choosing a venue that’s clearly aligned with the image you want to project. Don’t forget to consult with the venue representatives to see if there will be other on-site events that clash with your conference or brand message. It’s also a good idea to find out what signage and branding opportunities are available and whether you can brand your conference the way you want it. Can you place signage in the elevator or advertise on in-house plasma screens? Branding is crucial, so make sure your venue can accommodate it.

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