Six Reasons to Break Tradition by Walking down the Aisle This Winter

Six Reasons to Break Tradition by Walking down the Aisle This Winter

Being a June bride was once the holy grail of weddings, but celebrating your love shouldn’t be tied to a single season. Loose and flowy dresses and garden or rustic barn receptions are some of the nice perks of the quintessential summer wedding, but why not say your vows during the season of love? With glistening snow, holiday lights, and a generally festive mood; winter is a magical time for weddings in Vaughan. Plus, it’ll be easy to stay warm and toasty with plenty of love to go around.

Thinking of tying the knot soon? Walk down the aisle in the most magical wedding of the season, and say “I do” in glamorous winter fashion. Here are all the best reasons why:

Less Competition, More Value for Money

Let’s get this right off the bat—yes, the holidays are the busiest time of the year, but it’s not because of weddings. Chances are, if you book ahead of time and send out save-the-dates to family and friends before the holiday parties roll around, you can have everyone you love to witness the “I do’s.” Winter weddings also make it easier to scout venues in Vaughan, since it’s off-peak for this type of event, making it easier on the wallet. This way, you can have the wedding you want without sacrificing the little details that make your big day exactly yours.

Winter weddings also make it easier to stretch your budget to get the best value for every cent. Since yours will be off-peak, it will be easier to bargain with vendors like caterers, bakers, florists, and even dress designers.

Holiday Cheer and High Spirits

We already know that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year; combined with a monumental celebration of two people and their love, a winter wedding turns out to be all the more happy and meaningful.

The holiday season also comes with practical perks. For one, if you send out invitations early enough, it will be easier to get guests to confirm since many take time off from work during this time, and are already set to engage in holiday festivities. With the holidays as a backdrop, winter weddings are sure to become a seasonal highlight—one more reason for family and friends to come together in Vaughan and celebrate the season that’s made even more meaningful.

If you’re not the Christmas or New Year wedding type, don’t worry, winter tends to be quite long in Vaughan, and even runs to Valentine’s Day. With the right colour palette, you can incorporate various elements of hearts’ day and winter itself for a magical walk down the aisle.

Save Out-of-Town Guests Travel Costs

A lot of families and loved ones get together for the holidays, spanning from across the country to even from opposite sides of the world. And with a winter wedding in the calendar, guests can make the event in Vaughan and other commitments all in one trip, instead of multiple costly visits in a year. Just make sure that guests can book flights well ahead of the peak holiday pricing, so travel costs remain affordable for those you want to celebrate with you.

Try Winter Flavours

Just like pumpkin-spice-everything in the fall, winter comes with its own set of flavours guaranteed to satisfy any palate. With a wide range of local produce, spices, and aromas to choose from, you can curate a winter wedding menu that’s one for the books, and even try or cook up new flavours that symbolize your union. Couples who bond over food adventures, cooking, and trying just about anything together will appreciate this touch. Relish the opportunity to go beyond comfort food like prime cuts and root vegetables to serve spiked hot drinks and savoury specialty beverages.

Keep it Absolutely Intimate

Not everyone wants a big wedding. More than budget concerns, many couples prefer to keep things intimate and have only their closest family and friends stand witness to their vows. And with everyone busy during the holidays, you might just be able to sneak away and host a small, heartfelt, and incredibly intimate winter wedding. An intimate setting lends a warm atmosphere to the feeling of togetherness invoked by weddings, without the fuss and pressure of entertaining so many people, and sharing your special day with them.

Winter Romance

Everyone knows that the nights are longer in the winter season, and more reason to enjoy them during celebrations. If you’re thinking of walking down the aisle this season, create a night of winter romance with candles, tea lights, roaring fires, and fairy lights for a perfect mix of the whimsical and magical. Start the ceremony early to catch some daylight before dusk kicks in, and when the night falls, you can get on with the wedding party. Think dark beers, comfort food, and dancing all night to the most intimate love songs under incandescent lighting. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

Make this winter truly the most wonderful time of the year by starting a new chapter with the love of your life. A winter wedding in Vaughan is as magical, whimsical, and intimate as it gets.
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