Tony Basil

A George Brown Chef School graduate, Chef Tony has always had a deep passion for cooking. He has travelled the world and lived in various countries experiencing the unique flavours and foods different cultures and nations have to offer.

From humble beginnings, Chef Tony started out as a dishwasher, then line cook, and through hard work has made his way to the top, becoming Château Le Jardin’s very own Executive Chef. His exceptional approach to refined cuisine has been honed over a career that spans well over 35 years as a chef across various prestigious restaurants and banquet halls such as Doctor’s House, Romanos, Paradise and many more.

His journey as an avid food traveller combined with his lifelong practice in cooking has allowed him to develop a meticulous cooking style, coupled with a strong commitment to excellence, all of which are reflected in every meal served at Château Le Jardin … Buon Appetito!