Tips for Choosing an Awesome Birthday Party Venue

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Every birthday marks a new milestone for your child. This makes them special occasions that deserve celebration. Whether it’s their first birthday, becoming a teen, or sweet 16, planning a major birthday celebration requires a major venue that guests will love.

You want a venue that is as special as the person you are celebrating, which means you need to consider every aspect of the venue to make sure it meets your needs.

Here are some handy tips to assist you in choosing the most awesome party venue for your next birthday bash.

Think About Convenience

Although many of your child’s friends will live in the same area as you, depending on their age and how many friends and family members you invite, it can be difficult to find a venue that is convenient to reach for everyone.

Look for an event venue in or around Toronto that is easily accessible from your home and most people attending. This will ensure more people can attend and won’t find it too inconvenient to reach.

Don’t forget to make sure there is ample parking on-site and even a few respectable hotels nearby for those who might prefer to stay over and drive home in the morning.

Venue Size

Just like a wedding, you will need an event venue that makes sense for the number of guests you are inviting. A venue that is too large will seem empty and unwelcoming, while a venue that is too small will make it difficult to accommodate the activities you are planning.

The number of guests is not the only consideration when determining the size of the venue you require. Your venue should offer several room options that can be sized to suit the number of guests, in hand with space for activities, whether it is dancing for teens, or a mini floor hockey rink for kids.

Go All-Inclusive

Party planning — especially on a larger scale — takes a lot of time. Your best bet is to choose a venue that reduces the number of tasks on your to-do list. All-inclusive packages are designed with this in mind. They offer parents an easier route so they can have everything from food to clean up managed for them.

The venue should accommodate the right amount of people, provide a mix of food options that will appeal to people of all ages, a crack team of organizers, hosts and servers and all the set-up from décor to tables.

Don’t forget to make a checklist of the little details that help a party come together, including:

  • The cake
  • Goodie bags
  • A gift table
  • Fun zones for activities
  • Tracking kids from activity to activity

Theme Management

Themes are important for kids of all ages. Whether it’s a favourite movie, TV show, toy, or something a little more sophisticated for your teens, your venue has to be designed to accommodate a theme.

You will need advice on how much décor will be required, as it can be overwhelming trying to decorate a larger space. You will also want a setup team available. A setup team will know how much décor is required, can put everything up to get the best effect, and then tear it all down when the party’s over.


Regardless of your child’s age, birthday parties tend to have activities. Smaller kids might have expectations for something on a larger scale, such as a bouncy castle, and activities are important to keep kids from getting bored.

From karaoke for pop star themes to mini floor hockey or soccer goals and makeup stations to arts and crafts tables, your venue party planners should be able to make it all come together effortlessly.

Experienced Planners

Working with a venue that can provide you with a detailed list of everything you need to complete your party will save you tons of time and reduce stress. You will understand what is happening at each stage of the planning, so you remain organized and feel confident everything that has to get done is getting done.

Keep Kids and Parents Happy

Although parents are used to dropping kids off at “fun zone” venues for birthday parties, if you include parents on the invite, the event venue should consider their enjoyment too. The idea is to choose a venue that will make parents want to stay at the party.

When planning your event, discuss some ideas to keep parents occupied. Perhaps it is an “adults only” area where they can enjoy a glass of wine and conversation, or maybe a place that has a different menu that is more sophisticated than pizza and burgers.

The importance of parties where parents are included is that their needs do not outshine the needs of the kids. Although parents will appreciate a touch of adult entertainment, it should be low key and controlled, so it doesn’t become a night of too much wine and roses!

And if alcohol will be served, keep it respectable, remember to assign designated drivers, and have taxis on hand, so everyone gets home safe.

Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are usually expected at a kids’ party. As already mentioned, having help putting them together with venue staff is a nice-to-have service. Another thing to keep in mind is that planning a birthday party at a larger venue can make it difficult to keep track of the comings and goings of guests.

Ask your venue if they can assign someone at the door to help people leaving find their coats and also ensure they get their goodie bags.

These tips will help you find the perfect event venue Toronto guests will enjoy while celebrating your child’s birthday. Chateau Le Jardin is the event venue Toronto parents have depended on to plan exciting birthday parties for many years. Our team of event planners are ready to help.

For more tips and tricks on choosing the perfect birthday party venue, call Chateau le Jarin at 1-888-517-0682 or contact us here.

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