What to Wear for a Winter Wedding

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If you’ve been invited to a winter wedding, you might have fallen off your chair when you read the date. However, once the shock has worn off it’s time to start thinking about what you will wear. Winter in Canada often means snow, rain, slush and ice, which can throw your wedding outfit plans into turmoil. However, dressing for a winter wedding gives you a chance to get all dolled up much like you would for your holiday parties. Here are some tips on what you should wear to a winter wedding.

For the Ladies

There are tons of choices for women and you are only limited by how daring you care to be. Here are some ideas:

  • Consider Layers: Winter has become very unpredictable when it comes to temperatures. This makes the winter wedding the perfect opportunity to wear elegant layers. Lovely jackets and elegant cardigans are perfect solutions for ladies as they can be worn at the ceremony and cast aside when the dancing begins. If you are open to layers, then you can go with your choice of dress beneath, as long as it doesn’t shout summer too loudly. That means mostly overly frilly and florally patterns. Feel free to wear short hemlines, sleeveless numbers and anything in between.
  • Pant Suits: If you aren’t too keen on the layered look you can consider going a little edgy with an elegant pantsuit. These have been in style for a few years now and you can choose to wear a more flamboyant pant leg to add some flair. Also avoid the office look by seeking out more inspired fabrics such as velvet, satin or something with a touch of understated glamour. Another idea is a one-piece jumpsuit, which is also in style. They come in many styles sure to flatter your figure. You can opt for sleeveless designs, but you should then add a jacket or sweater for the ceremony and just in case the venue is chilly.
  • Dresses: Last but not least, you can go for the dress, with your choice of long or mid-length sleeves. Off the shoulder dresses with full-length sleeves can also work well for the winter wedding. Bell sleeves are still very much in style and look great with shorter length dresses. When in doubt go for the timeless cocktail dress preferably in darker tones and solids. If you are pattern crazy stick to darker colours here as well. Although you can look for similar dresses in holiday styles, weddings call for less glittery fabrics.
  • Footwear: It can be a little tricky in the winter when it comes to footwear because if it snows your entire outfit can be ruined. Open toed shoes can seem a little silly in the winter although you do see many women opting for the open-toed shoe at holiday parties. Going for an elegant boot often seems to make the most sense for the winter wedding, and if they are high, you can get away with bare legs if you dare. However, the right shoe choice is a closed toe pump, slingback or mule.

For the Gentlemen

Realistically, lads, we know you’ll be stuck with a suit. Here are some ideas to help you find the right choice for a winter wedding:

  • Fabric: Think elegant Brit when it comes to choosing your suit fabric such as tweed, flannel, wool and cashmere. If it’s not in the budget, then choose a suit with the look of those fabrics. You can feel out the venue to get an idea of what you can get away with such as solid, pinstripes or checks. Also, colour is important and, in general, a winter wedding will limit you to black, navy and grey. However, you can look to add some splashes of colour with your tie and socks. If you are going to a country venue you can look at other subtle suit colours in greens or browns if you want, which can often look quite nice in the textured fabrics the winter weather requires.
  • Suit Style: Suits of today appear far more formal when single breasted with peak lapels. However, double-breasted suits are usually more popular in winter. It is still best to go for the single-breasted suit because double-breasted suits are meant to be worn buttoned up which will be very uncomfortable as the night progresses. Because it’s winter you can also consider adding an extra layer by introducing a vest.
  • Shirt: White shirts are usually best for occasions such as weddings. They are crisp and presentable and also make it easier to choose a tie. You can also choose to go for other solids such as pastels or even tones of darker greys if you dare. Avoid classic business looks such as stripes and checks.
  • Shoes: Remember you might be expected to dance so keep this in mind when choosing your shoes. You can go for black or brown in Oxford or Derby styles and avoid rubber soles at all costs. Leather soles are preferred to avoid embarrassing squeaks as you dance the night away.
  • Accessories: Weddings call for some accessories such as a tie, pocket square and possibly cufflinks. Beyond this, you might also want to consider adding a scarf with a nice dress coat that is longer than the suit underneath. No parkas, gentlemen.

You never know how long you might be outside for winter weddings whether it’s waving goodbye to the newlyweds, throwing rice at the ceremony or even being asked to step into some photos so being prepared with weather appropriate formal outerwear is a must. One last consideration is where you will be sitting. For example, if you are the date of someone in the wedding party, you might end up sitting at the head table. If this is the case do the safe thing and ask the bride what you should be wearing!

Attending a winter wedding can be a little confusing when it comes to what to wear. However, with these savvy fashion tips, you are certain to make the right impression.

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