10 Ideas for Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Wedding favors that your guests will love

The main focus of a wedding may be on the bride and groom, but it’s great to show your guests a little appreciation by sending them off with a keepsake to commemorate your big day. Especially if many guests are flying to attend the event, it’s only common courtesy to return the favour with a little memorabilia.

Depending on the theme of your wedding and your style and interests, favours can be anything you want them to be. Whether you are looking for something significant to the event with the wedding date or something more neutral that guests can use frequently afterward, there is a wedding favour that suits both you and your guests’ needs.

Fortunately, there are several ways to make your wedding favours a little more personal to you and your partner while making them pleasurable for your guests. In this article, we will provide you with a list of 10 lovely favours to hand out at your wedding that your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

1. Homemade soaps

If you are the do-it-yourself type of bride, a homemade soap-making party for wedding favours can be a great experience for your bridal party to bond. Alternatively, you can use this experience as a way to share a few relaxing, romantic moments between you and your partner before the wedding. Using a soap base and kit can make the process much easier without contact with harsh chemicals.

2. Flower seed packets

Perfect for eco-friendly weddings, flower seed packets are amazing favours that encourage guests to plant and bring a little beauty from your wedding to their home gardens. If florals are a major accent in your marriage, seed packets can add the perfect touch by offering guests the choice between several different types of flowers. Perhaps you would prefer colourful tulips, charming daisies, or even wildflowers.

3. Bottles of wine

Great for European weddings and the wine connoisseur, bottles of wine are one of the more traditional ways to showcase gratitude to your guests. Wine holds a deeper meaning that can bring sentiment and elegance to your wedding, symbolizing union and the richness of life.

4. Customized mugs

Mugs are associated with warm drinks, and warmth brings comfort and relaxation. If you want your wedding to be a calm and relaxed event where family and friends come together to celebrate the loving union, mug favours are a wonderful way to bring that forth. Winter weddings, especially, are the perfect setting to hand out mugs as a way to help guests warm up and get into the winter spirit.

5. Baked goods

Depending on the number of guests at your wedding party, baked goods are a great wedding favour that is tasty, relatively inexpensive, and in some cases, can be done yourself at home. The best part? They can easily be suited to fit the theme of your wedding. Classy, elegant weddings may choose to hand out mini strawberry shortcakes, or the rustic, shabby chic wedding may have something like fluffy Belgian waffles.

6. Planter pots

Great for spring weddings and the bride with a green thumb, giving your guests planter pots is a beautiful way to welcome the warm season. You can hand-paint them yourself, hire a professional to print custom designs, or leave them plain according to your preference.

7. Coasters

For the bride who wants something a little more sentimental, coasters are a wonderful way to gift your guests something memorable from your wedding. Coasters can easily be bought in bulk and customized to put the bride and groom’s name along with the wedding date or something else suited to your wedding’s theme. Not only is it an item that your guests can use around the home, but it’s meant to last, meaning they can continue using them for years to come.

8. Bubbles

Summer weddings should be fun and cheerful, and bubbles bring that vibe by filling guests with laughter and smiles. Tiny bottles of bubble solution can be given as wedding favours as a joyful way to send the bride and groom off to their reception or honeymoon. A fun and less messy alternative to traditional rice-throwing, family and friends can gather around to blow bubbles and celebrate the couple’s union as the couple leaves the wedding hall.

9. Coffee or tea blends

Coffee-lovers rejoice! Send your guests off with a bit of your favourite coffee blend or your best herbal tea blend for those who don’t drink coffee. Perhaps you and your significant other have a special blend to only you two – the coffee you drank on your first date or the tea you both love. Giving your guests options between types of coffees or teas will help to ensure the favour table is empty at the end of the night.

10. Bath bombs

Bath bombs are great wedding favours because they are versatile, customizable, and can be applied to most wedding themes. For instance, for bohemian-style weddings, pastel bath bombs with coconut, oatmeal, or milk and honey scents can add a sense of flair to your special event. In contrast, glamorous, up-scale weddings may have bath bombs with pieces of jewelry hidden inside, which gives your guests two gifts in one.

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Venue?

Above all, it’s important to leave your guests with something special that creates a lasting impression. Wedding favours are the perfect way to show your guests that they are important to you, and the more effort you put into them, the better your guests will enjoy them.

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