10 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Wedding Venue

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Your wedding day plans should be driven by what you want. After all, this is the most romantic day of your life. For many couples, cost is the driving force for wedding planning; but you still have to know something feels right before you commit. With this in mind, we offer the ten signs you’ve found the perfect wedding venue.

1. It makes a good first impression

When you arrive at a wedding venue, you should have a very positive first impression. How does it look as you drive up to the building? When you enter, how does the venue feel? Is it grand enough, or maybe too grand? Do staff you encounter make you feel welcome? Is there anything that stands out that sets it apart, such as a lovely staircase, a welcoming fireplace, or pretty views? All of these things work together to create your first impressions of a place. If anything feels off or fails to impress, it’s probably not right for you. You want to love it right off the bat.

2. They offer the right essentials

If your bride and groom’s senses tell you the venue feels right, it’s time to find out more about what the venue offers. How do the staff treat you? Do you feel special when you are speaking to them? Does it seem they share your enthusiasm for the big day? How responsive are they to your needs? What essentials are managed by the venue? Your venue team and the services offered should make it seem your wedding plans will be made more manageable, and your wedding day will be perfect. Some must-have services include:

  • Onsite catering
  • Customized menus with international cuisine choices to celebrate your culture
  • Exciting additions such as truffle bars, champagne fountains, custom bars, etc.
  • Stunning space with architectural details ideal for photos
  • Wedding planners
  • Menu tasting
  • Entertainment such as DJs
  • Choice of space
  • Outdoor options
  • Ample parking

3. The area offers photo ops

Is this a place where you can take photos? What does the venue feature that will make your photos unique? Is there an outdoor space and gardens? Impressive architecture such as a grand foyer or cozy fireplaces? Having a backdrop to create breathtaking photos makes a venue far more appealing.

4. The food is delicious

We’ve already mentioned onsite catering as essential. However, if the food doesn’t meet your expectations, there is no point in considering the wedding venue. You want a catering team headed up by worldly chefs who can accommodate your needs.

Menus should be extravagant yet still work with your budget. Special touches such as offering world cuisine to please your families’ backgrounds or coming up with unique attractions such as a pasta bar or fun dessert spreads make the venue all the more enjoyable. Tasting the food is a must. If it tastes beyond expectation, chances are you’ve found the right venue.

5. It holds up to your cost expectations

How does the venue measure up in terms of cost? Are there any hidden fees that could bump up the costs? While value is important, it also has to meet your needs. If it doesn’t seem to line up with what is being offered, this is probably not the best venue for your needs.

6. It feels right for your theme and personality

You want the venue to offer a hint about who you are as a couple. If it is a basic venue, this can still work if you can create your own décor and reflect your theme well. A venue that doesn’t provide the right feel for your theme or suit your personality will feel awkward and lead to disappointment. If you can see yourselves here, then it is probably a good fit.

7. It will fit all your guests

Of course, size does matter when it comes to a wedding venue. If it’s too big, your wedding will seem small and unsubstantial. If it is too small, you won’t be able to accommodate the tables, dance floor, guests, and other events you have planned. You want a hall that will embrace your guests and make everything feel just right.

If you feel cramped, or you feel like every word you say echoes into a vast space, the hall isn’t right for you. The good news is the venue can tell you their minimum and maximum capacity upfront, so you don’t waste your time visiting a spot that won’t suit your needs.

8. It’s easy to get to

Where are the majority of your guests coming from? You want a location that is easy to reach for most people. Otherwise, be prepared to help find accommodation for people who have to travel too far. Since people will be imbibing, this is important, as the further out you are, the more expensive the cabs and users become. Also, are there many people flying in from further away?

The more guests travelling, the more hotels you will need in the area. Something near highways, an easy drive to hotels and close to the most common central location is always best.

9. It looks loved

This has come up on several points, but there is a reason for this. The interiors of the venue need to set the tone for your wedding. Are you looking for something clean and modern or classic and elegant? Do you want to impress guests with a luxurious st, or would you prefer something more rustic and humble? Can you see your theme working in the venue, or will it take way too much work to accommodate your ideas? Is everything looking well cared for, or does it look a little run down and neglected?

10. Your gut says “Yes”

Last but not least, it boils down to the gut test. If your gut says yes, then you’ve found the wedding venue that Toronto couples long to book.

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Myssah Singer
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priyanka sood
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