10 Things to Consider Before Booking a Wedding Venue

10 things to consider before booking a wedding venue

Booking wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan can be a daunting task. With so many venues to choose from, you want to know that your wedding venue will set the right tone and provide the perfect ambiance for your wedding.

Here we look at ten things to consider before booking a wedding venue.

10 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

1. Venue Capacity

Wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan have different capacities to accommodate your guests. You want a venue that matches your guest list, whether you’re planning something small and intimate or large and elaborate.

So, before you head out to tour a venue, consider the number of guests and plus-ones to accommodate your guests comfortably.

Remember, a venue that is too big is sometimes worse than an event venue that’s too small. Imagine a massive hall with just 20 guests to understand what we mean!

2. The Venue Vibe

The vibe sets the tone for your wedding. For example, suppose you’re planning an elegant affair. In that case, you want to look at wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan that are more upscale and chic.

If you want a casual, laid-back wedding, consider something more rustic and intimate, like a craft brewery or farm. Consider an art gallery or industrial space if you want something edgier.

Your first impression is probably correct, so if the room feels wrong, chances are it doesn’t have the right vibe for your special day.

3. Your Budget

Of course, budget plays a significant role when considering wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan.

Your venue eats up a fair share of the budget and usually includes your catering costs. If catering is included, be sure you discuss menu choices as well when touring the venue.

You want to understand how much everything will cost before you commit, or you’ll make sacrifices in other areas such as your flowers, wedding dress, entertainment, etc.

Different wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan offer different types of wedding packages. Consider what is included in the costs and ask when the venue will charge extra. Some unexpected standard fees include:

  • Cake cutting and serving
  • Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Champagne uncorking and serving
  • Linens
  • Confetti clean up

Know what you’re paying for so you are 100% clear on how the venue impacts your budget.

4. Wedding Venue Location

Your wedding venue should be easy to reach for most guests. For example, if most of you live in the west end, choosing a venue way out in the Durham region poses a transportation issue.

You want to be close to accommodations for out-of-town guests, access public transportation, and offer free parking for guests who might choose to drive.

5. Venue Availability

Another given, you want your venue to be available on your preferred date. You want to avoid switching your dream summer wedding to early winter because the venue you want is already booked.

Having a few dates in mind will help you narrow your venue choices and firm up your date.

Remember that popular wedding venues book at least 12 to 18 months in advance. Also, it’s common for couples to find out when their dream venue is available before setting their wedding date. If the location means more to you than your wedding season, this is the way to go.

6. Venue and Ceremony

Decide if you want to look for wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan, reception halls, or one of each. For example, if you’re not overly religious, you might be happy to have your ceremony and reception at the exact location to save money and reduce travel time.

However, suppose your family is religious and expects you to be married in their place of worship. In that case, you’ll need to plan for both a reception and ceremony venue. Booking dual locations complicates things as your ceremony spot and reception venue must be available on the same day.

Ideally, you don’t want too much time between the ceremony and reception, as this causes issues for your guests. You also want to provide enough time for guests to travel from the ceremony to the reception, so you don’t want your venue to be hours away from your ceremony location.

7. Wedding Venue Services & Packages

Most wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan offer different packages to help make planning easier. Consider the types of packages available, how customizable their menus are, the types of services offered, and the overall level of service the venue offers.

The more they include in their services and/or packages, the easier planning becomes, and you often save more money.

8. Venue Deposit

The more services your venue provides, the higher the deposit tends to be. Make sure you understand their deposit requirements to ensure you can cover the costs by the deadline.

You also want to understand the terms of the deposit. Although you know you’ve found “the one,” many unexpected events can occur that delay your wedding plans.

9. Local Noise Ordinances

What? Local noise ordinances seem like an odd thing to consider. Still, many venues faced with noise restrictions that shut the party down earlier.

For example, if you choose a local restaurant in a residential area in downtown Toronto, you might be surprised to find you have to stop the music as early as 11 pm. That can put a real damper on your celebrations.

10. Plan B for Your Wedding Venue

We’re not talking about a second favourite venue here. Instead, we’re talking about what the venue does should something unexpected happen on your wedding day.

The unexpected can be a natural disaster like a flood or fire for an indoor wedding or inclement weather for an outdoor wedding.

Ensure you understand what happens should your venue cannot provide the agreed-upon services, with a Plan B that ensures your day isn’t completely ruined.

These tips will help cover all your bases so you enter your wedding venue agreement with your eyes wide open!

For information about the best wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan, speak to the team at Chateau Le Jardin.

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