5 Top Catering Trends for Weddings in 2023

5 top catering trends for weddings in 2023

The cuisine is the best part of any party, and classic catering elements never go out of style. Some will even evolve into something better.

Champagne towers, for example, have been a popular trend at weddings and other special events for years. Alternative towers are now being offered by caterers and hosts. Today, rosé, espresso martinis, and Aperol Spritz towers are all the rage. Having an alternative tower filled with your favourite cocktail is sure to excite your guests.

Read on to discover even more of our favourite catering trends for weddings in 2023.

1. Sustainability

Eco-friendly catering will be one of the hottest wedding trends in 2023. Food and drinks at weddings will be fully sustainable in the near future.

Eco-consciousness and sustainability are key. Consider caterers who source their supplies from local farmers and specialize in seasonal cuisine. A local caterer reduces the carbon footprint, decreases travel costs, and uses their own local suppliers.

Also, consider serving vegetarian dishes or plant-based meat. You can count on sustainable wedding meals and drinks to come out on top in 2023.

2. Theatrical food displays

The second trend for wedding catering in 2023 is theatrical food displays or show cooking. Nowadays, couples are increasingly focused on providing their guests with memories that will last a lifetime, including when it comes to food. A wedding breakfast outdoors—with your chef cooking over an open fire under the watchful eye of your guests—could be an enticing interactive option.

Consider a hibachi-style dinner for a more intimate reception, with the chef slicing and dicing tableside, creating a true spectacle for your guests. Think about “build your own” dessert stations with ice cream sundaes or an electric s’mores maker. Tailored to your event, this sweet treat will surely delight and surprise your guests.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to being creative with food, and this trend is one that we look forward to seeing develop throughout the year.

3. Wedding cake alternatives

It’s traditional to have a cake at a wedding—its roots date back to ancient Rome. Most couples, however, are unaware that the tradition of breaking a wheat or barley cake over the bride has evolved into beautifully tiered, multi-flavoured masterpieces, where the bride and groom would kiss over a tower of spiced buns, scones, or cookies.

Traditions evolve and change over time, and there is no rule that says you must have a cake on your wedding day. What about cookies, a doughnut wall, or a pick-and-mix station?

As couples throw away traditions that don’t suit them, wedding cake alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. In 2023, we expect more creative dessert displays to be a key focal point for a lot of couples. Many couples have a combination of both, with a small cake to honour tradition, and a variety of desserts for their guests. This allows couples to eat their cake and have it, too.

4. Unique food and drink pairings

Wine and food have always been paired, but what about cocktails and beer? Food and drink pairings are other areas where couples can be creative, and we believe this trend will grow in 2023.

Featuring fun, innovative drinks (other than the traditional his and her cocktails) is a great way to add some personality to your wedding. With canapes, why not pair them with mini drinks, like tacos and margaritas, fried clams and bloody Marys, or mini burgers and beer?

Focus on world cuisine that reflects your culture. A tasty alternative to the standard evening dishes, these can give guests a glimpse into the culture of the bride and groom. This will enable them to interact with the chefs, watch their food being prepared, and enjoy the sense of theatre involved in the process.

Or, offer a dessert cocktail, such as an espresso martini, which will also help give your guests that extra dose of energy right before the party begins!

Whether you’re looking for a classic cocktail or a modern twist, Château le Jardin’s experts always aim to please you. Get creative with how and when you serve them, and your guests will be impressed.

5. Late night comfort food

Over the years, couples have offered their guests evening food to keep the party alive in the wee hours of the night. For 2023, we expect these late-night bites to become more personalized and tailored to each couple. We have seen childhood treats come back in style in many elegant ways. Thus, 2023 will see us embracing the nostalgia of comfort food with a twist, elevating the fan favourites with fun and clever presentations.

Comfort food reminds people of happy moments from home and their childhood. Choosing food that is associated with good childhood memories and incorporating those flavours into your wedding is a great way to enhance that comfort.

Whether it’s setting up your favourite street food truck outside the venue or serving international dishes, evening food is becoming a way for couples to express themselves through their catering choices.

Inspired by the iconic French châteaus of the 16th century, Château Le Jardin features soaring coffered ceilings, handcrafted chandeliers, and classical Corinthian-style columns.

Don’t stress about the details of planning your wedding menu or renting wedding ceremony halls in Vaughan. Instead, speak to our event specialists about Château le Jardin’s exclusive catering partnerships. Whatever you’re dreaming up for your wedding menu, we’d love to bring it to life. To book a consultation, call 1-888-529-8573 or contact us here.

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