11 Bachelorette Party Planning Rules You Need to Know

11 bachelorette party planning rules you need to know

The bachelorette party is giving the traditional stag a run for its money. Sisters are doing it for themselves, embracing the concept of a “final bash of singledom” before entering into a lifetime relationship with the person they love.

However, despite sharing the same spirit as the stag, bachelorette parties have their own vibe, which varies from bride to bride.

11 Bachelorette Party Planning Rules

To help plan an epic bachelorette experience celebrating the woman of the hour, use these 11 bachelorette party rules to create the best ever soirée for the bride-to-be.

1. Don’t Limit the Guest List to the Wedding Party

Bridesmaids not only attend the party but also help plan it. The guest list doesn’t have to be limited to wedding party members only. Brides will want to invite friends and family they couldn’t include in their group of bridesmaids.

Likewise, close family and friends will desire invitations, and the bride will expect them to join in on her last night of single merriment!

2. Plan a Budget Neutral Event

Remember the fiasco financial strain caused in the movie Bridesmaids, and you’ll understand why you want to plan a budget-neutral event everyone can afford.

Unless some high roller on the guest list can genuinely afford to foot the bill for the entire gang, ensure you don’t place an unnecessary financial burden on guests struggling to make ends meet.

Consider affordable ways to have fun and activities that make the party manageable for all the ladies attending.

3. Brides Don’t Pay

Brides are the guest of honour and, therefore, shouldn’t pay for anything. This factor is an important thing to keep in mind when planning your budget.

Have a group discussion to determine what is factored into the bride’s costs, from their drinks/meals to event tickets.

Also, determine costs from their hotel room expenses to transportation. Ensure each guest understands the bride’s expenses are split amongst the guests so no one is surprised and resentful at the night’s end.

4. Brides Have a Say

Although some gals might have a raging bender in mind, the bride has a say in what they want to do for their bachelorette party. Make plans only after discussing the bride’s wishes and ideas so you set the right tone.

Then, please choose the right bachelorette party venue in Mississauga, and plan the appropriate activities to make her happy.

Although surprises are pleasant, a shy, low-key bride might not be thrilled when a male stripper shows up at the venue.

5. Drink Responsibly

Even if the bride is a hearty drinker, heavy drinking is never a good idea for a bachelorette party! First, it tends to be mixed company with some of the groom’s family members present.

Second, even if it’s an in-law-free event, getting blackout drunk increases the risk of unfortunate accidents, mind-crushing hangovers, and making bad choices.

Drink responsibly so everyone has fun and no one feels left out.

6. A Night is Enough

Don’t get too caught up in planning a weekend of partying when a night will do just fine. Although sleepovers are fun, getting everyone on board for a whole weekend can be tricky to manage.

Plan things right, and you’ll have enough fun on this last girls’ night out to provide a lifetime of happy memories.

7. It’s Not About the Guests

Keep the focus on the bride with activities that suit her taste and that celebrate her last night of freedom. As already mentioned, not all brides are thrilled about the idea of male strippers or doing an endless row of shots to entertain you.

Let the agenda reflect who the bride really is, with a focus on the reason you are celebrating.

Also, if there’s a mix of guests who don’t get along, make a pact to bury the hatchet. It will keep the peace and make the bride happy. In other words, bite your tongue to avoid conflict.

8. No Gifts Required

This is not another excuse to collect gifts from already strapped guests. Considering everyone has to pitch in to cover the bride’s expenses for the night, asking for more gifts is not required.

9. Save the Date

Although bachelorettes are usually pretty casual, it’s essential to ensure all of the bride’s BFFs and closest relatives are available. Ensure you give guests about two months’ notice. The more complicated and involved the event, i.e., the need to travel, a weekend getaway, etc., the more information you should give your guests.

Don’t worry about providing details about your plans. The date is enough at this point so guests can clear their schedules.

One thing that might help here is to estimate the expected costs so people can put aside money to join in the fun.

By anticipating costs, it will also give you an idea of how much people are willing to spend. If you get a lot of pushback or hear rumours of dissension in the ranks, you’ll know you’re way off base on your budget.

10. Travel Safe

Plan to rent a limo or party bus to keep the group together. Because there’s bound to be drinking, you want everyone to stick together. That calls for a dependable driver to get you home or to your hotel all in one piece.

Book the limo well in advance to avoid disappointment. Also, have the driver check that everyone is on board before moving to the next destination.

11. Respect the Bride’s Privacy on Social Media

The “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” rule applies to all activities at bachelorette parties regardless of the location.

Respect the bride’s privacy and avoid sharing embarrassing images that could raise questions for the fiancé or make her look bad if coworkers, parents, employers, etc., see the posts. Not cool.

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