11 Benefits of Choosing a Venue With In-House Catering

11 benefits of choosing a venue with in-house catering

When choosing a venue for your wedding, you want all the pieces to fall into place seamlessly. Having numerous vendors, including a venue, catering company, florist, entertainment, serving wear rental company, and more, can make creating that flawless guest experience impossible.

To help plan your wedding, here we share 11 benefits of choosing a Vaughan banquet hall with in-house catering.

1. Convenience

When planning an event, the pressure is on. The more vendors you depend on for each event element, the more demand there is on your time. By going with a Vaughan banquet hall with in-house catering, you enjoy the convenience of planning everything with one team. They will take care of your menu and offer solutions for your event.

2. Cohesion

Since your venue is involved in planning the event, they’ll have all the details and are more likely to come up with an innovative menu ideally suited to your theme, guests, and budget. As a result, your event is more cohesive, and everything works together beautifully.

3. Save Money

You’ll usually see cost savings by going with Vaughan banquet hall’s in-house caterers. There are a few reasons for this:

  • The venue wants your business and will offer you a better deal to get it.
  • You don’t have to contend with additions such as delivery fees, serving staff, plate and utensil rentals, etc.
  • Smaller catering companies have higher overhead costs and pass those costs onto you, while venues have greater buying power and pass those savings on to you.

4. Everything is Ready to Go

When your venue caters to the affair, everything is ready to go. The kitchen is on-site, so you don’t have to worry about caterers arriving late, setting up, organizing servers, food getting cold, poor food quality, etc. If there is an issue, you can work with the kitchen staff to correct it without delay or disruption to food service.

5. Flexibility and Direction

Although you aren’t likely to hang around in the kitchen watching every move of the in-house staff, you still maintain more control over the service working with the venue caterers. As a result, you can be more flexible and offer more direction if something in your plans changes.

For example, suppose you find out at the last minute that the Bride’s father requires a special salt-free diet. In that case, the kitchen staff can pivot and make that change on-site, which a catering company serving pre-made food can’t do.

6. One Team

As the Vaughan banquet hall’s kitchen staff, chef, and servers prepare and serve the food, you have a more cohesive team all working together. Everything is carefully orchestrated by a team who knows the ropes and has a process to ensure everything runs smoothly.

7. Improved Guest Experience

Since you are dealing with a single team, your guests enjoy a better experience. Your venue is focused on providing complete experiences and paying close attention to every detail. When working with caterers unfamiliar with the space, their presence can interfere with that cohesive high-end experience.

The venue food is also served hot and fresh, so the quality of the food is presented and enjoyed as it is intended. Caterers are likelier to experience breakdowns in service, such as keeping the food warm, poor presentation, less efficient service, etc.

8. You Have More Control Over Service Type

Outsourced caterers often only have one choice for service type: A buffet. You want more control over the available services, whether a buffer, food serving stations, or an elegant sit-down meal complete with the wait staff.

Your venue also knows the lay of the land. It will ensure your service type is set up to optimize space usage and flow so guests are unaware of the processes behind the scenes.

9. Everything is Included

You’re more likely to find that everything you need is included with Vaughan banquet hall catering services compared to going with a catering company. With caterers, you are usually left needing to arrange all the items that complete the dining experience, such as table linens, plates, utensils, and servers.

These additions must be negotiated and understood to ensure that nothing is overlooked on the event day. With in-house catering, they list what they’ll provide and let you know of any add-ons they offer as a part of helping organize the event.

10. Menu Selection

Catering companies tend to operate on a smaller scale which can often limit their menu selection. Because your in-house caterers serve large guest lists every day and cater to several banquet halls on the premises at a time, they have developed innovative menu options that are highly customizable.

Catering companies buy ingredients in smaller volumes, so even if they offer customization options, you will pay far more through their services than a large venue with high volume buying power.

11. Possible Challenges Serving Alcohol

Serving alcohol in the GTA requires a temporary liquor licence and special occasion permit if not at a licensed establishment. Catering companies often have to submit an application to serve alcohol at venues. You can arrange to have the venue deal with the wine and liquor served, which can create havoc for serving guests if another team provides food.

To be safe, you’ll need to understand the type of liquor license required and whether you need to get it or the caterer. Even if the venue’s licence covers the caterer, they might not be so keen on helping out if they lose their business to the caterer. Also, venues that don’t offer catering generally don’t have a liquor license, so again, you’ll need to get a special occasion permit.

When planning your wedding, you want to make your life easier without impacting the quality of your guest’s experience. With Vaughan banquet hall’s in-house catering, everything is managed under one roof, focusing on creating a flawless experience for your guests.

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