11 Common Wedding Planning Myths

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The moment you become engaged, your mind begins envisioning the type of wedding you want. There could be dozens of ideas dancing in your head and the head of your partner. This can make it challenging to get down to the business of planning your wedding.

One of the challenges you will most likely face is getting caught up in conventions and out and out myths about what a wedding can and can’t be. These ideas can interfere with your plans and hold you back from planning the wedding you’ve always wanted. To help you plan your wedding without any misgivings, here are 11 typical wedding planning myths you should ignore.

1. Saturdays are for weddings

Saturday has become the go-to wedding date because most people already have the day off. However, there’s no reason Saturday is the only day to get married. While you might find fewer people are available during the week, Sundays a good option. Evening weddings are perfectly acceptable and somewhat romantic. A Friday night works just as well in this case.

The larger the wedding, the more difficult it will be to hold your wedding on an unconventional day. However, the week’s less popular days also open up more wedding ceremony halls, more bands, more photographers, and more of everything. It might make it easier to plan your ideal wedding on an off day. Weekday and Sunday weddings are also often much more affordable.

2. White wedding rules

While the traditional white gown is a choice for most brides, it isn’t the only choice. It’s your wedding, and you can wear whatever you want. Bridal fashions are becoming more daring and exciting than ever, making it more fun to come up with a killer dress for your big day. We might have said dress, but edgy brides are not stuck on the traditional gown. Many are wearing pants, crop tops, shirts, and skirts and more.

3. You must have an expensive bachelor(ette) party

Don’t let friends pressure you into throwing a party most people can’t afford. The age of the bachelor(ette) weekend has come to an end, allowing you to choose a lower-key event that won’t break the bank. Let your Maid of Honour and Best Man know what you expect, and more importantly, what you don’t want, even if that means nothing at all.

4. The bride and groom must have equal numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen

This rule can lead to hurt feelings and disappointment. If you have more friends you’d like to include in the wedding party than your fiancé, so be it. And you also don’t have to stick to traditional norms. Grooms don’t have to pick all men, and brides don’t have to select all ladies. Choose the people who mean the most to you and line them up with pride!

5. Dad must walk the bride down the aisle

Not anymore. Even grooms are getting in on the walking down the aisle schtick with both mom and dad leading the way. While dad walking the bride down the aisle is a tradition many brides look forward to, it could be dad, mom, both parents, stepparents, favourite uncles or your first-grade teacher. And brides, feel free to make it down that aisle alone if it suits you!

6. Seeing your fiancé before the ceremony is bad luck

Superstitions are only superstitions if you believe them to be true. As times change, this old wives’ tale has faded into the background. Couples are finding the joy of sharing special moments before the ceremony, whether to offer each other luck, help calm each other’s nerves, exchange a special gift, or take some photos.

7. Cocktail hours are required

Although this can be a fun way to keep people occupied while you and your partner prepare for the reception, it isn’t a must. Often budgets don’t allow for this added expense, so many brides and grooms are opting out.

Other ideas to transition from ceremony to reception include offering a single signature cocktail, showing a little movie or slideshow of the bride and groom, or making a smooth transition right into dinner or dancing. This works best if the wedding ceremony hall is also the venue for the reception.

8. Your wedding will cost a fortune

While weddings can get expensive these days, there are many ways couples can save money for things such as a house or a dream honeymoon. Thrifty weddings are all the rage with items such as DIY bonbonnieres and décor, potluck meals, smaller guest lists and gently worn eco-friendly thrift find dresses making it easier for couples to get married without breaking the bank.

9. Cutting the wedding cake

Another tradition that has given way to more modern twists, the official cutting of the proverbial wedding cake, has been left by the wayside. While the cupcake trend is also on its way out, there are all kinds of dessert trends giving wedding cake a run for its money. Whether it is cookies, pies, candy, truffles, and sweets, if you like to eat it, it can take the place of the wedding cake.

10. Bands and DJs are the only required entertainment

While dancing is expected at a formal sit down dinner, other smaller events don’t necessarily require a band or DJ for dancing. On the flip side, just because you are including dancing at your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t include something unique to entertain guests.

From a choreographed wedding party dance to cultural dance performances, or from a jazz quartet at cocktail time to playing games, you can entertain guests in a way that reflects you and your fiancé’s personalities.

11. It’s my party, and I’ll do what I want

Admittedly many of the myths we’ve shared here are all about carving out your ideal wedding. However, there is something to be said for tradition.

If you people providing financial support towards your special day, who have reasonable expectations, consider their practices that will bring meaning not just to you both, but to the people who mean the most to you. Becoming a bride or groomzilla is never the right approach to planning your wedding. Remember that although it is your day, it is also a day shared with the people closest to you.

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