12 Big Wedding Floral Trends to Keep an Eye On

Big Wedding Floral Trends to Watch

We’ve spoken to many disappointed couples who won’t have the complete guest list they would have liked, thanks to the pandemic. However, one of the benefits of planning a smaller wedding is that you can go to town on every detail to make it as stand-out gorgeous as possible. 

One wedding element that many couples end up having to sacrifice are the floral arrangements and bouquets due to cost. However, with fewer guests, you can put some of the money towards stellar floral designs. Here are 12 big wedding floral trends to keep an eye on for your wedding this year.

1. Building on Your Venue Backdrop

Many florists have learned to embrace the wedding banquet halls Toronto couples choose and what they have to offer. Instead of designing the floral arrangements based on the types of flowers the couple has in mind, visit the venue to look for features that stand out. This allows them to customize the arrangements to make more impact within the environment in which they will appear. 

The brilliance of this idea is that it creates a far more united look, instead of the flowers being placed willy nilly. There’s a whole design scheme behind the floral plan so that they stand out in the venue. 

Outdoor weddings can become even more natural as prominent features such as fences, trees, and arbors help enhance the flowers brought into space. This also creates a unique look as no two brides will share the same taste, colour scheme, and venue. The result? Instant one-of-a-kind floral arrangements that feel sincerely special.

2. More Fluid Designs

As with above, floral designs have become far more fluid and less static. Instead of creating a complete arch, a florist might choose to do two or three separate floral strands that stand apart yet create a united look. Another idea might be to use trees in urns to build the floral arrangements instead of an urn alone. Designs translate into movement as if they occur naturally, instead of appearing so contrived like traditional arrangements or bouquets.

3. A Feeling of Delicacy

The traditional floral arrangement tends to be substantial and can appear imposing. Today’s floral arrangements are more delicate and ethereal, creating an almost unearthly look that makes them more romantic. Delicate flowers and understated colour schemes enhance the delicacy adding a sense of innocence and wonder to the displays.

4. Hanging Arrangements

Adding to the fluid, delicate look of floral wedding arrangements, florists are finding ways to hang their arrangements so they offer more space. When bouquets are suspended above the tables, they don’t interfere with interacting and providing a more festive and almost protective feel. 

5. Pedestals, Not Arches

For the ceremony, the traditional arch is being replaced by pedestals to create a focal point for exchanging vows. Glass vases and urns add a delicate look, but mixing and matching urns and pedestals can make things more whimsical and eclectic. It is also more budget-friendly compared to full arches.

6. Arches with a Twist

While we seem to be casting shade on the solid, trusty arch, it still has its place in 2021. However, these arches aren’t timid. Instead, the arch of today is big, bold, and beautiful. Large-scale arches are the right solution in larger spaces. But they can also create drama in smaller banquet halls Toronto offers. They are even more effective when in monotone with a collection of sweet-smelling pale coloured roses.

7. Unexpected Hedges

Low floral hedges help ground the ceremonial area, creating an understated backdrop that envelopes the couple. It creates a new, unexpected aesthetic but still makes a frame like the traditional arch. Natural tones and muted greenery add to the calm sense the hedge provides, wrapping the couple in a comforting spray of floral beauty.

8. Distinct Bouquets

Gone are the days of the straight out of the catalog bridal bouquet. Expanded budgets allow brides to take a different approach. The oversized bouquet is reminiscent of the beauty pageant winner’s roses but incorporates the flowers of the bride’s choice. Sashaying down the aisle with this floral bouquet laid casually across the bride’s arm allows guests to glimpse the fine details on the bride’s dress, including impressive waistbands and lovely décolleté designs. Photographers also have an opportunity to capture these details often hidden as the bride walks down the aisle clutching her bouquet across her waist and chest. 

9. Colour Bursts in Smaller Bouquets

For brides who want something showy but less hefty, the small bouquet is ruled by bursts of bright colours that add a punch of yellow, purple, orange, or red to the bride’s white. This allows the couple to choose their favourite flowers and cast traditions to the wind. These joyful blooms create a sense of celebration that shouts, it’s our day, and we are pleased to be here.

10. Farm to Vase

Buying local flowers is a big consideration for many couples this year. As shutdowns threatened more and more businesses, this is their way of giving back to their community. It is not just about the florists themselves, but also the growers favouring locally grown flowers and plants over exotics flown in from other countries.

11. Sustainable Creations

Living arrangements are also big, looking to plants that aren’t plucked and stuck in vases but instead arrive still thriving in soil. These flowers can be taken home by guests and the couple as a lifelong tribute to the day they were wed. You might even find florists or greenhouses who rent them! A genuinely memorable approach to floral design

12. Dry Flowers

While probably not the best choice for couples with allergies, dried flowers are making a unique statement. Their subdued colours and exciting texture offer a nostalgic feel to the bouquets and floral arrangements as if they were dried and preserved from a great-grandmother’s wedding. As well, florists often experiment with absorbing dyes to create unique colour schemes. Different types of dried foliage can also be incorporated into fresh floral bouquets and displays.

These floral trends are sure to help you create a unique statement for your wedding day.

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