12 Social Event Trends You Can Expect in 2024

12 social event trends you can expect in 2024

If you have some major events to plan for your company in 2024, you want to be up on the latest trends to help ensure their success. In this article, we will share 12 trends in 2024 to help elevate your social event planning in Vaughan.

1. Charcuterie-infused buffets

Although everyone has been loving the charcuterie trend for a good five years or so now, food boards are going to become even more popular with buffets featuring creative displays of cheese, meats, olives, nuts, dried fruit, and various crackers and breads.

These displays are an excellent way to kick off your social event planning in Vaughan and greet guests as they mingle and sip on drinks, to help sober people up as an event is winding down, or as part of a smorgasbord of food choices from your main meal.

2. Food with a kick

People are becoming more daring with their food choices, including a desire to experiment with “the burn.” Considering spicy options for appetizers at cocktail parties is a great way to spice up your social event planning in Vaughan.

Don’t get too ambitious, though, or you might create a scene. Instead, infuse hints of spice into everything from dips to cocktails and chocolate desserts to aiolis for luncheon finger sandwiches.

3. A taste of honey

Honey is all the rage these days. Whether it’s drizzled over a warm slice of brie as an appetizer, infused in sauces, or part of a conference breakfast bar, a taste of honey is sure to sweeten the pot at any corporate event.

To take things one step further, combine the heat trend with honey to create a hot honey sensation to take advantage of the sweet and spicy craze. You can also expect to detect a hint of honey in cocktails when social event planning in Vaughan.

4. Mocktail madness

With more people giving up alcohol as part of their healthy living plans, the mocktail has a prominent role in social event planning in Vaughan, where drinks are traditionally served.

A customized selection of mocktails and ensuring the bartender can whip up a mocktail request at the drop of a hat helps cater to the more health-minded guests while also offering something different for designated drivers.

5. Creative cocktail garnishes

Visual appeal is a big element of social event planning in Vaughan, including 2024 party drinks. Think big, splashy, and flavourful when working with your venue bartender to create eye-catching cocktails that make a statement.

These flashy cocktails are ideal for welcoming attendees as they arrive. From charred pineapple to shrimp and serving drinks in coconuts to fresh berries, the garnish will be what everyone is watching as your mixologist serves the drinks.

6. Plant-based options

Jumping on yet another healthy bandwagon, plant-based options designed to trick the eye and tempt the taste buds will also be big in 2024. People are not just exploring plant-based options as a healthy lifestyle choice but also to discover new flavours and dishes.

As a result, you really can’t go wrong by adding some vegan options when considering menu choices for social event planning in Vaughan.

7. Barbecue bonanza

Barbecue and smoked foods are driving people to the point of addiction with a longing for BBQed everything. This foodie trend isn’t going anywhere soon, and despite its undoubtedly messy aspects, you can expect barbecued meat to be a high-demand item for social events in 2024.

People want it smoked, slathered in sauce, and creatively mashed up with globally influenced fusion ingredients for that perfect balance of sweet, salty, sticky, mouthwatering goodness.

8. AI and machine learning to improve communication

Chatbots are an unexpected guest at 2024 events, offering streamlined attendee communication that keeps people informed. Guests can interact with artificial intelligence (AI) that uses machine learning to provide answers during chats so guests can understand details important to them.

From where to park to what to wear and how to find the best speakers, booths, or entertainment suited to each guest’s interests, AI and machine learning will play a critical role in keeping attendees informed. It will also help attract more people and sell more tickets.

9. Greener choices

Eco-friendly events are also expected to gain more traction in 2024. Guests will be hyper-focused on the efforts you make to find greener choices, such as the food you serve, the free stuff you hand out, the energy efficiency of the venue, and the sustainability of your decor.

10. Data-driven event planning

Creativity won’t be the driving force behind event planning in 2024. Instead, event planners are looking to data to help inform their event decisions. It’s all about behaviour and what people want, as opposed to sticking to traditional events that feel old and boring.

By using data collection to understand your audience, you can create more personalized experiences at every stage of social event planning in Vaughan to keep people engaged and help you meet your goals.

11. Event apps

Customized event apps help drive social engagement to profile your events in an engaging way. You can work with a developer to create software that guests can download and use to understand the event, keep track of announcements such as new keynote speakers or entertainers, make menu selections, or decide which activities or events they plan to attend when they arrive.

You can drum up more hype for the event through attendee social posts, reduce demand on team members by easily sharing real-time event updates, and enjoy free word-of-mouth exposure through attendees before, during, and after the event.

12. Quality over quantity

Events tend to see a lot of waste from leftover food, as well as items handed out to guests and throw-away door prizes. In 2024, a move toward sustainability and greener choices will contribute to the desire for minimalist events where planners focus on a few high-quality experiences, including everything from food to decor.

This trend will create more meaningful, focused events that are concerned about needs rather than wants. As a result, you can plan budget-friendly events, avoiding investment in tacky, useless items and focusing on useful, relevant activities, food, and giveaways.

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By embracing 2024 trends for social event planning in Vaughan, you can create engaging events that help you meet your business goals.

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