12 Tips for Choosing a Winter Wedding Dress

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Winter weddings in Toronto provide an opportunity of many different themes, hearty menus, cozy décor ideas and opulent wedding attire for the bride and groom.

Of course, you need to put more consideration into a wedding dress that will keep you warm without taking away from your bridal appearance. But that is not difficult considering the vast assortment of gown designs available.

Here are 12 tips to help you choose the picture-perfect wedding dress for your winter wedding.

Request Sleeves

Winter means cold, even when indoors. Aiming to find a dress with sleeves makes the most sense. Many gowns offer chic sleeve options, including delicate lace or decadent fabrics. Gowns with sleeves are harder to come by, so make sure you mention to your bridal boutique that you’re having a winter wedding and will want to see gowns with sleeves as well.

Add a Jacket for Sleeveless Dresses

If you have always pictured yourself in an off the shoulder or strapless gown, consider having a jacket designed for travel and the ceremony. You can create your coat to match your dress, adding a unique look to your ensemble. You can then take it off for some of your photos and when you arrive at your wedding venue. This allows you to have one look at the ceremony and a completely new look at the reception.

Customize with Lace and Sheer Fabrics

Many savvy brides choose the gown of their dreams, complete with off the shoulder designs, low cut fronts and deep scoops in the back, but then customize the gown to add more warmth. Adding lace detailing or sheer fabrics to your dream gown helps add dramatic, bespoke details to your dress for a one-of-a-kind wedding dress ideal for winter weddings.

Choose Heavier Fabrics

Wedding gowns in heavy silks, rich brocades, woven fabrics, and velvets create an elegant look while also keeping you warm. Combining heavier materials with layers of lace and sheers also help create interest, glamour, and sophistication.

Consider Layered Dresses

Adding more layers to your skirt can also add warmth and stylish detailing. Layers of satin skirts below your favourite lacy dress will keep you cozy while adding shape and movement to your gown.

Give Yourself More Time

We’ve mentioned alterations and customization often because they’re usually necessary. That’s why it’s best to give yourself a little more time to shop. Alterations vary in their timeframe, so working ahead of schedule will ensure you can get all the changes you want. The more specific the alterations, the longer it will take. Your seamstress might also have to put in an order for unique materials, and you will have to wait for that to be delivered.

Listen to Your Dress Seller

It just takes watching one or two episodes of Say Yes to the Dress to see your dream gown might not necessarily work out as planned. When shopping for a winter wedding gown, it’s always best to keep your mind open.

Listen to your dress seller as they understand bride sizes and shapes and are in the business of finding the perfect dress for you. While they might not always work, be ready to take suggestions, and you will avoid missing out on the ideal dress.

Use Accessories

We’ve already mentioned using a jacket, but other accessories can also create a romantic look for your wedding pictures. Things such as faux fur stoles, lovely satin shrugs, elegant scarves, fun faux fur hats, Victorian muffs for your hands, etc., all add layers of elegance to your wedding attire.

You could also choose accessories with a little more personality; leather jackets, leopard-skin prints, Dr. Zhivago-inspired furs, or sequined cashmere sweaters could all work, depending on your wedding theme. Use your sense of style to create a chic look that reflects your personality or to pick up on your wedding theme.

While your groom won’t want to remove a glove to place the ring on your finger, the rest of the day might call for some gloves. Gloves can help with several winter-related wardrobe challenges.

For example, elegant, full-length satin gloves can be paired with the sleeveless or spaghetti strap dress you had your heart set on. They have a retro Breakfast at Tiffany’s feel while keeping your arms warm. Short and sweet “riding” gloves in white leather are charming, as are little white gloves with pearl beading or tied with silk ribbons.

Winter-Friendly Full Skirts

While sleek, fitted skirts are the popular choice for summer weddings, winter calls for something more elaborate. Ball gowns and full skirts add drama and sophistication while allowing you to pull on some leggings or thick hose to keep your legs warm. No one will be any the wiser that you are sporting some comfy pantaloons beneath your glamorous gown.

Build on the Ice Theme

Glimmering snowflakes and ice can be included in your dress detailing. Crystal beading, delicate pearl buttons, or some glamorous sequins can all add shimmer, perfectly reflecting the flickering candlelight at your reception.

If flashy details on your dress don’t appeal to you, jewelry can achieve the same effect; try out hanging earrings and show-stopping necklaces. Combined with a simple veil or elegant updo, you’ll be the picture of charm and grace.

Add a Sash

Sashes can be created for your winter white monotone dress or to add a splash of colour. Rich brocades, velvets, silks, and satins all add an elegant sash detailing, which can also be decorated with glamorous gold or silver threading, beads, or embroidery. Summer brides could never pull this off, so take advantage of the timing to create a unique look. They also help accent a slim waist.

Consider Your Shoes

While this might be about the dress, your shoes have to complete the look. Winter allows you to get a little more creative with your shoe choices. You have the option of rich velvet pumps, elegant white satin ballet flats, knee-high laced Victorian boots, or small white lace booties.

Choosing the right gown is the most important element of your wedding. These tips will help you find your dream gown to complete your perfect wedding day.

For more tips to help you choose the perfect winter wedding venue in Vaughan, call Château le Jardin at (905) 851-2200 or contact us here.

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