14 Bridal Shower Games and Activities to Keep Everyone Entertained

14 bridal shower games and activities to keep everyone entertained

Bridal shower packages in Vaughan come in all shapes and sizes depending on the bride and the type of wedding she is planning. However, all bridal showers become more fun when many games and activities are involved. 

In this article, we will share 14 ideas to help keep everyone entertained at your next bridal shower event.

1. Bridal shower bingo

Create a 5-box by 5-box grid with a cute title like “Betty’s Gift Bingo”, and print enough cards for each guest. Provide colourful pens or markers and have each guest fill the squares with gift ideas they think the bride will likely receive.

As the bride opens her gifts, she can call each one out, and guests can mark off the gifts they chose on their Bingo cards. If someone completes their entire card, they shout “Bingo!” to claim their prize. If no one wins, the person(s) with the most gifts marked wins a prize.

2. Wedding-themed Pictionary

Create a list of wedding-themed words. Have guests form teams or choose partners depending on the number of guests. Place the words in a bowl, and as each team’s turn comes up, have them select a word. Set up a whiteboard or large tear sheet pad and have each team try to figure out the words based on their teammates’ drawings.  

3. Bride and groom trivia

Find out how well your guests know the bride with a bride and groom trivia contest. Create questions such as how they met, what they do for a living, the names of the people at their wedding party, where they’re going for their honeymoon, etc. Then, have guests take turns answering the questions.

To help even the playing field, allow participants to choose between a couple-related question or a question about famous couples or weddings. This ensures guests who know the couple very well don’t have an unfair advantage over those who don’t. 

4. Create a veil contest

As part of your bridal shower packages in Vaughan, provide supplies such as doilies, paper, paper plates, sequins, etc., and have guests create a veil. Everyone can model their veils, and then guests can vote for the veil they like best. This is both a game and an activity in one. 

Guests can sit around a table creating their veils, chat, sip their drinks, and get to know each other. You can take this game one step further and have groups create an actual wedding gown. Both games can be timed to make things more exciting. 

5. Wedding “Jeopardy”

In this game, you create wedding-themed categories such as Honeymoon Destinations, Famous Married Couples, Popular Wedding Gifts, Things a Bride Wears, or Wedding Party Members, for example.

Participants can choose the topic and then answer the questions to earn points. The person with the most points wins a prize.

6. Romantic-comedy movie binge

Choose a few of the bride’s favourite romantic comedies and binge-watch the movies with plenty of drinks and snacks. Be sure to have personal-sized packs of tissues available, as these movies are sure to bring on the tears. 

You can take it one step further by including some fun trivia questions after the movie, such as things the characters said or wore, backdrops for specific scenes, the names of the actors, and so on.

7. Guess that couple

Separate the guests into groups. Create cards with famous couples and a list of clues to describe them. Place the cards in a hat and have each team take turns selecting a card. List the hardest clues first and then add easier clues if guests can’t guess the celebrity couple.

For example, a difficult question for Brad and Angelina might be: “The groom was two credits short from graduating as a journalist when he was offered a part in a movie.” The next clue might be: “His bride was married three times to unexpected exes.” Then, you might say: “The part the groom accepted was in Thelma and Louise.” And then you might add: “One of the bride’s ex-husbands was Billy Bob Thornton.” Keep track of what teams guess correctly, and the team with the most correct guesses wins. 

8. Bridal memory lane

This sweet tradition has each guest write down their favourite memory of the bride, and then the hostess reads out the memories once they are collected. It gives little insights about the bride to help people who don’t know her while also providing a lovely series of fond memories for the bride and her guests.

9. Name that cake

For dessert, have guests participate in a blindfolded cake-tasting contest. Provide a selection of cakes, and then have each guest do a blind taste test. If they can identify the flavour, they get the whole slice! It’s yummy and fun. Just be sure to check for food allergies before selecting your cake flavours.

10. Bridal toast contest

Ask the guests to toast the bride, and then have everyone vote on the toast they liked best. Guests can make up their own or use an old favourite. Keep in mind that this usually becomes a bit like a sophisticated drinking game, so it might not be suited to all bridal showers!

11. Spot the bride and groom

This fun game requires a collection of old photos of the bride and groom. Guests are given 30 seconds to try and spot them in the photos. If they can’t, another guest is offered the chance to do so. This helps create a sense of history while also bringing back fond memories for the guests on both sides of the family. 

12. Two truths and a lie

Ask each guest to take turns telling two truths they know about the bride or groom and one lie. Guests then have to decide which ones are true and which are fibs. It can be quite fun, but be sure to tell guests that revealing the bride’s secrets is not allowed! Guests can choose to participate in this game or just enjoy watching. 

13. Lessons on wedding etiquette

Have the hostess sit everyone down to share some fun wedding etiquette pointers. This is not to set the tone for the wedding, but instead designed to make people laugh. The examples should be a little silly, such as what to do if the bride trips down the aisle or how to keep the fathers of the bride and groom from drinking too much. 

However, it can also serve to enlighten each side of the family on diverse traditions and etiquette between the two families. You can ask each side to contribute interesting facts about their traditions to help each side of the family learn more about each other. 

14. Share wedding stories

Ask married guests to recall funny memories or disasters about their own weddings or guests who are single to share stories about weddings they’ve attended. This is a great way to get to know each other and also show that weddings are wonderful and unpredictable events that never go quite as planned.

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Of course, the number one rule is to remember that all bridal shower games and activities should be as inclusive as possible.

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