14 Ideas to Put Your Stag Party Over the Top

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The stag party has changed over the years. Today’s groom is a little more sophisticated, despite still wanting to have a final bash before he commits to the woman he loves.

If you have the awesome responsibility of planning the stag, you’re going to have to get creative and come up with ideas that will keep everyone happy.

From stag party services a best man needs, to the craziest ideas to keep everyone drunk and rowdy, if you’re throwing the stag do for the groom, here are 14 ideas that will not only get the party started but keep it going all night or weekend long.

1. Paintball

This is ideal for younger guys who want to let off some steam. Healthy, semi-violent steam that is. Everyone has a chance to have a real-life video game experience pulling real triggers without death and destruction. This is a great way to kick off the party with a real adrenaline rush.

2. Airsoft

Airsoft is the new paintball with the same heart-pumping action but without the bruises. With no mess and no pain, this crazy game has the combat down pat with plenty of adrenaline to boot. Imitation weapons in a kickass battlefield will get everyone fired up before you head out on the town.

3. A booze cruise

With so many lakes in Ontario, you’re sure to find some form of booze cruise for the gang. You can go the classy route, or find something a little more hip. Either way, most cruises offer the bar, the music, and the meal for an outstanding night of raucous fun far from the bars of Toronto.

Although it’s out on the water, which increases the risk factor, it helps keep things a little safer from potential clashes due to its more intimate location. You can keep things simpler when it’s just your closest friends and family getting their party jam on.

4. Go-karting

Before drinks, head for the go-karting speedway to get all that road rage out of your system. Bring in some healthy competition and some fun prizes to keep things interesting.

5. Bubble-soccer

If you want something ideal for some quality Instagram pics and videos, bubble soccer or football is the perfect activity. Although not so great for older guys, this ridiculous game will prove to be a different experience not soon forgotten.

Don your “bubbles” and head out to the field where you can tackle, smash, and compete for the win dressed in hilarious plastic protective bubbles. Good, clean, fun.

6. Craft-beer crawl

If you’re all about the beer, in Toronto and throughout Ontario, you can find a staggering (pun intended) list of craft beer tours to enjoy. Whether you stick to the city or choose to head off to rural areas, there are at least nine trails you can target for your tour.

Hire a limo and start the tastings for a night or day you might forget. And if you need to absorb the brews, you’ll also find plenty of breweries with their own menus featuring trendy, gastropub fare.

7. Wine tasting

If you’re more about wine, this is your second option. With several routes to try, including Niagara or Prince Edward County, there’s a setting to suit every stag. Award-winning wineries await, often with some pretty impressive dining experiences available too.

If you don’t want to travel from winery to winery, speak to a local banquet hall or restaurant to see if they can set up a wine tasting and meal for you.

8. Gentlemen’s dinner

Foodies will love a night at their favourite restaurant with a special menu, private dining room and access to tempting cocktails, wine, beer, and liquor. You can work with local restaurants or banquet halls to create a customized night designed just for the groom with everything they love served all night long.

9. Golf

Of course, for the golfer, you can set up a golf party or even a mini-golf tournament at a local golf club. Plan a round of golf, a meal, and drinks for the all in one day and night stag everyone will enjoy.

10. A “lost” weekend

If you have the time and commitment, you can also plan a lost weekend away. Whether its Vegas, NYC or Montreal, travelling away from your hometown to places unknown can be the best way for everyone to let down their man buns and have some truly indulgent fun. What happens in Vegas — or the city of your choice — stays in Vegas.

11. Cottage kickback

If someone has a cottage that can handle the numbers and party, plan a weekend at a cottage on the lake. You can also rent an Air BnB cottage. The guys can indulge in their choice of manly activities, sit on the dock exchanging stories about the groom, barbecuing, and making many a toast to mark this glorious occasion.

Try to have a schedule to keep everyone busy, so it doesn’t end up just being a drinking nightmare with everyone passed out on the dock sunburned and hungover. Look for local attractions such as breweries, golf courses, beaches, zip-lining, etc., that can provide an activity at least for a few hours.

12. Bar crawl

The bar crawl still has its selling points, but it can be a long and tedious night not suited for everyone. It requires a limo and some organization, so things don’t go down the tubes too quickly. As well, it leaves you open to a whole lot of hurt, but for the single guys, this could be the way to go. Just have someone in charge who remains sane and sober! Remember the movie “The Hangover”?

13. Casino night

Whether you plan a trip to an Ontario casino or racetrack or just play some organized poker at a hotel or party venue, gambling is always a way to spend time together and have a few or more drinks. The honourable thing to do is that all winnings go to the groom.

14. Sports event

See if you can rent a box or get tickets all together to attend a local sports event. Make sure the groom is a fan, of course, or it will be a big flop. A concert is another excellent option if the timing is right.

You can choose just one event or pick and choose a variety of activities to create a full day or weekend. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the fun you can have at your stag.

For more ideas to put your stag do over the top, call Chateau le Jardin at 905-851-2200 or contact us here.

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