15 Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas Your Mom Will Love

15 mother’s day celebration ideas your mom will love

Mother’s Day honours the years of unconditional love and care your mom has offered since the day she first learned she was expecting. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, why not make this year a special celebration she’ll cherish?

In this blog, we will share 15 Mother’s Day celebration ideas your mom will love, from the Venetian Vaughan brunches available to special projects and mom/kid getaways to touring her favourite local attractions.

1. Honour the charities she supports

Retired moms often dedicate much of their time to charities that resonate with them. The time spent supporting these charities is important to her, so offering to spend a few hours working side by side with her is a wonderful way to show how much you admire her commitment and dedication to the community.

2. Complete a project together

Whether your mom loves cross-stitching, watercolours, pottery, or something totally unique and all her own, mothers love sharing their interests and helping you learn new things.

Offering to complete a project together allows you to spend quality time with your mom doing something that can lead to a lifelong hobby and shared interest that brings you closer.

3. Plant something in her garden

If your mom is a gardener, why not plant something beautiful in her garden? Consider the plants she loves or flowers that might have special meaning for you both.

Or, do something creative, like having a little customized sign placed in one of her flower beds or on her garden gate. You can also offer to do her gardening chores for a day, like weeding!

4. Spend a day learning family recipes

The comfort foods we all grew up with have so much meaning to our families. Ask your mom to spend a day with you to share family recipes.

You can cook together (not on Mother’s Day, as Mom shouldn’t be doing the cooking!) and maybe even create a handwritten cookbook with her notes and tips to help the recipes turn out perfectly. Sharing family recipes is also a great way to create a keepsake that can be passed on from generation to generation.

5. Have a movie night

Spending quality time watching your mom’s favourite romantic comedies, musicals, sci-fi, or thrillers is a wonderful way to celebrate her unique tastes. Set everything up with plenty of popcorn and snacks, make a list of the movies she’d like to watch and find the best streaming services to find your selection.

6. Visit the prettiest local public gardens

The GTA has no shortage of gardens located conveniently in almost every area, from Downtown’s Allan’s Gardens Conservatory at Gerrard and Jarvis to the Music Garden at Harbourfront and Rosetta McClain Gardens at Scarborough Bluffs to Toronto Botanical/Edwards Gardens at Lawrence and Leslie.

There are gardens galore, offering a beautiful, peaceful place to spend the day with mom.

7. Wander the halls at local art galleries

If your mom loves art, then a trip to a local art gallery is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Whether it’s AGO in downtown Toronto, the McMichael Collection in Kleinburg, Thompson Landry Gallery in the Distillery District, or The Cardinal Gallery in the west end, wandering the halls browsing art and sculpture brings a little culture into your lives.

8. Take a class together

Learning something new together is a great way to bond and find a new hobby to enjoy. From art classes to flower arranging and pottery to cooking, there are tons of classes available with something sure to appeal to you both.

9. Join a book club together

If you’re both avid readers, it might be fun to join a book club together. It will introduce you to authors you might not have read, new points of view based on fellow readers’ perspectives, and also provide a great talking point for deep discussions between the two of you.

10. Shop at vintage stores or antique markets

Shopping is one of those ageless, charming pastimes that provides ample opportunity to relax and discover unexpected finds.

Vintage stores and antique/flea markets offer a wealth of hidden treasures, whether you’re shopping for something specific or just enjoy browsing. If mom finds something she loves, then treat her to it if it suits your budget!

11. Do high tea

An elegant high tea is ideal for celebrating mom at one of the many charming tea rooms throughout the GTA. High tea is all about chatting and indulging in sweet treats in beautiful surroundings. It’s the perfect afternoon for moms who deserve to be treated like a queen.

12. Have a mom party

Consider inviting all the moms in your life to an elegant Mother’s Day brunch at the Venetian Vaughan banquet hall at Château Le Jardin. From your mom and grandmas to mother-in-laws and aunts, Mother’s Day is all about sharing a special day with the women who have meant a lot to you.

13. Run a marathon together

If your mom is an avid runner, why not train to run a marathon together? If you aren’t up to it, provide support and encouragement for your mom and be at the finish line with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate her accomplishments.

14. Go on a wine tour

Ontario offers a growing number of wine tour routes and areas ideal for a Mother’s Day treat. If you want to live it up, you can discover new wines together in the comfort of a limo, or you can arrange for a designated driver to join you. Either way, you should both feel free to indulge in the wine-tasting process.

If that’s not possible, arrange a wine tasting with a group of your mom’s friends and family at the Venetian hall of choice, in hand with an elegant lunch to help keep people respectable and sober!

15. Go on a weekend getaway together

Hop on a train, rent a car, or use your own vehicle to head to a quiet spot for a weekend getaway together. From elegant spas to lovely wineries and B&Bs to splurging at a first-class hotel, Ontario and nearby Quebec offer a world of opportunities to find the ideal accommodations for a trip for you and Mom.

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These 15 ideas prove that there’s always something special you can plan for your mom, emphasizing spending quality time together.

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