17 Cool Bachelor Party Gift Ideas for the Groom

17 cool bachelor party gift ideas for the groom

If you’ve been invited to a bachelor party, chances are you’re expected to bring a gift. In this article, we will share 17 cool gift ideas to make a lasting impression at bachelor party venues in Vaughan.

1. Day-after survival kit

Bachelor parties are all about letting loose for one last night as a single guy. That usually means hangovers. This offers the perfect opportunity to choose a clever day-after survival kit that’s sure to get a few laughs.

Since the groom is going to receive tons of wedding and shower gifts, a gag gift in good taste is always a cool option for bachelor parties. A day-after survival kit is also the perfect idea if you’re budget-challenged.

2. Put together a memory reel

If you’re a close friend or family member of the groom, putting together a memory reel to share at the party is a unique and fun gift idea. Humorous moments celebrating his bachelor life, time with friends, milestones, etc. all make excellent additions and also provide an entertainment element to the evening.

3. Top-shelf liquor

If the groom is known for his love of top-shelf drinks, then sharing a bottle of a high-end brand of his favourite type of liquor is definitely a cool gift idea. Look for special editions, novelty bottles, and distinct brands that will set your gift apart and show him how much he means to you.

4. Game tickets

Share an excuse for a boys’ night out with a pair of tickets to see his favourite team. You can create a night or day of it and give him time away from his bride to help his heart grow fonder with some well-earned time spent apart. The bride might not appreciate it, but the groom most likely will!

5. Something for the car lover

If the groom has a special relationship with his (ahem) vehicle, then buying something car-based might be a good gift idea. Some cool gifts might include:

  • An extreme car test driving experience such as a Porsche or Ferrari
  • Tickets to a car show
  • An off-road SUV experience
  • A virtual driving gaming device
  • A car-detailing service for his vehicle
  • A “CARGUY” T-shirt

6. Wine lovers gift

If he’s more about the wine experience than top-shelf liquor, investing in a good bottle of vintage wine is sure to make him happy. Choosing a wine that ages well provides a gift he can set aside for a few years and bring out to celebrate his fifth, tenth or even twentieth wedding anniversary.

7. Gear

Depending on his interests, investing in some first-class gear can provide a cool gift he’ll appreciate. For example, Ferrari baseball caps, Porsche T-shirts, Harley Davidson gloves, and Maserati polo shirt gear are always fan favourites.

8. Add to his collection

If he collects particular items, then adding them to his collection is always a welcome gift. Whether it’s shot glasses, toy cars, stamps, or war memorabilia, hunting down unique items based on his interests can become a very personal gift that he’ll cherish.

9. Customize something

There are literally hundreds of items you can have customized to commemorate his wedding day. From golf balls to T-shirts and wine to towels, a customized item can be given with a sense of humour or as a serious gift with sentimental value.

10. Foodie gifts

If he’s a foodie, there are endless possibilities for gift ideas. Collections of sauces, oils and vinegars, spices, and gourmet products all make ideal gifts for the food-lover. If you’re unsure what to choose, a gift card for his favourite local gourmet food shop or St. Lawrence Market can work.

11. Gift him a subscription gift

Subscription gifts are all the rage, and are available to meet the interests of just about anyone. From cheese-of-the-month clubs to beer tasting and sweet lovers gifts to chocolates, subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. You can also share a traditional subscription to his favourite publication. The possibilities are endless!

12. Industry show/convention tickets

Tickets to a convention or industry show for something he loves, such as movies, superheroes, Game of Thrones, and boats, are also a great idea. For example, if the happy couple just bought a new home, the Home Show would be great. If they dream of owning a cottage, the Cottage Show would be a superb idea. If he loves cars…you get the picture.

13. Electronics and gadgets

What guy doesn’t love electronics and gadgets? Find something unique or leading edge he might not think to get for himself, but would get a kick out of all the same. Perhaps, for example, give him a heated DIY shoulder shiatsu massager.

14. Manscaping kit

If he’s all about his beard or ‘stache, then a manscaping kit could be both humorous and practical for the man who has everything.

15. Customized groomsmen sunglasses

Share a gift for the entire wedding party with a set of customized groomsmen sunglasses. Dark sunglasses with “Groomsmen” etched on the side can make a creative and fun gift that’s ideal for photo ops on his wedding day.

16. Groom spa day

Why should the bride and her bridesmaids have all the pampering? Book him a groom spa day for the full treatment so he looks radiant and well-rested on his wedding day. Make the day all about him.

17. Personalized boxers, ties, or Hawaiian shirts

Have an item of clothing personalized with the bride or groom’s face as part of the design as a joke gift. This is another perfect idea for the budget-conscious guest who is a little short on funds.

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These gift ideas are sure to create a buzz at bachelor party venues in Vaughan, and stand out as the coolest gifts of the evening.

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