18 Fun Activity Ideas for a Prom Night to Remember

18 fun activity ideas for a prom night to remember

Prom night is always a night to remember. However, you want those memories to be happy—not filled with regrets!

In this article, we will share 18 fun activity ideas used by successful prom banquet halls in Vaughan to ensure that your prom night is remembered fondly.

1. Make it a dance party

Prom night calls for dancing. The music you choose, however, can make or break the evening. Some ideas to ensure you hit all the right notes include:

  • Hiring a high-profile DJ who is up on the latest music
  • Doing something theme-based, such as a jazz, swing, or disco band
  • Hiring a tribute band that’s up on all the most popular performers

2. Consider entertainers

For the most part, prom attendees will be fine with dancing, goofing off, and eating some dinner. However, it can help to hire some form of entertainer to help break the ice before dinner and dancing kicks off, such as:

  • Comedians
  • Magicians
  • Improv troupe
  • Dancers
  • Acrobats
  • Hypnotist
  • Psychic

3. Create a selfie wall

Creating an interesting, themed selfie wall is an excellent way to drum up excitement about the prom and encourage everyone to capture memories. After all, this is their last hurrah before heading off to university, college, or starting their careers, so they’ll want some photos to post on their social media pages.

4. Capture the moment with a photo booth

Although everyone has their own camera, a photo booth is a novelty that prints off photos that can be framed and shared. Including some fun props and clothing accessories like sunglasses, hats, boas, walking sticks, etc., add to the fun.

5. Hire a caricaturist

A caricaturist is an artist hired to do on-the-spot drawings of guests. They ask “models” for a few interests, and then quickly create an exaggerated drawing that guests can take home.

6. Temporary tattoos

Approaching adulthood, many prom guests might be considering getting a tattoo. Having a temporary tattoo artist providing some ink to mark the occasion is a great way for people to try a tattoo on for size regret-free, knowing it will rinse off in the morning.

7. Call in the food trucks

Instead of a traditional sit-down meal, hire a few food trucks where attendees can exchange tickets for a select number of food items. This can be for the main meal, or as a snack option later when everyone has been dancing and building up an appetite.

8. Have a sundae or candy bar

A DIY sundae or candy bar is the perfect way to end a meal with a selection of favourite candies or ice cream with tons of decadent toppings.

9. Provide a game show

Have a student or teacher act as the game show host for shows such as Family Feud, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, etc. where students volunteer to participate. Use a big-screen TV, so everyone can watch and have teams compete for prizes. Participants can drop their team names in a hat, and the host can pull the teams to make it fair game for anyone to participate.

10. Have a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts have teams or couples compete against each other to find items based on a series of clues. The first team to collect all the items wins a prize. Items should be easy to find, such as lipstick, mascara, cell phone, candle, flower, napkin, sunglasses, so people don’t have to leave the prom banquet hall in Vaughan to participate.

11. Limbo dancing

Limbo dancing is a contest to see “how low you can go.” People dance under a pole, with the pole getting lower after each try. The lower it goes, the harder it gets, and the more people are eliminated. The last person standing gets a prize.

12. Timed races

People can volunteer to participate in timed races such as stacking cups, building something like a house of cards, catching marshmallows in their mouth, etc. The person to complete the task first, or catch the most items, wins.

13. Name that tune

Have the DJ play a few chords of a song, so contestants can try to name the tune. If no one can guess, a few more chords are added, and the person who names the tune first wins.

14. Prom art

Create an art corner where people can do things such as draw a silhouette of their partner or friend, make a sculpture using clay, or create a painting. You can build an art display at school after prom, or people can choose to take their artwork home. Don’t forget to provide smocks to protect their formal wear!

15. Celebrity chef

People of all ages have jumped on the foodie wagon, with many showing interest in cooking contests and celebrity chefs. Hiring a chef to perform cooking demos and share food samples can be a great activity. It also offers an opportunity for people to try out their skills in creating something like an omelette, pizza, or gourmet burger.

16. Immersive virtual reality experiences

Set up state-of-the-art virtual reality equipment where guests can enjoy immersive virtual reality experiences such as visiting a different country, driving a racing car, downhill skiing, skydiving, or scuba diving in the Caribbean.

17. Nintendo Switch sports

Have an area where people can try out their skills using Nintendo Switch. Whether it’s golf, boxing, soccer, or tennis, it’s sure to be a big hit.

18. Create a lounge

Having a quiet lounge area with couches and comfortable chairs creates a private area ideal for quiet conversation, relaxation, and chilling with friends.

With different lounge areas throughout the prom banquet hall in Vaughan, people can get away from the noise and music, and spend quality time with the friends they love. You can even create different themes for the lounges, such as a speakeasy, mid-century modern living room, or “cocktail” lounge.

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These ideas are sure to provide enough entertainment to keep everyone happy and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for the best prom banquet halls in Vaughan, look no further than Château Le Jardin. We offer elegant halls suitable for any occasion. For more information, call us at 1-888-529-8573 or book an event consultation here.

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