8 Awesome Party Favours

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So, you’ve planned the perfect event. Your dream wedding day. Your child’s birthday extravaganza. Your sister’s baby shower. The list goes on and on. All of your guests had an amazing time so you want to send them home with something awesome, right? Right! Make sure your guests remember your event by sending them home with awesome party favours.

This list are the 8 favours we’ve seen at Château Le Jardin that have absolutely blown guests away with both their thoughtfulness, creativity, or overall usefulness.

For a wedding:Movie Carol (2015)

1. Alcohol-related anything:

When it comes to awesome wedding favours, choosing an item that is alcohol-related is a win-win. From wine stoppers or openers, to beer cozies and engraved pint glasses, guests will be sure to love (and use) this kind of favour. Some are even pairing with brew masters and wine makers to create their very own, unique adult beverage as a gift.

2. Lip balm:

Personalized lip balms have been a growing trend to send your guests home with. From customizing different flavours and colours, the possibilities are endless with what you can come up with.

3. Sunglasses:

Perhaps best appropriate for a summer wedding, personalized sunglasses are a whimsical and useful party favour to brighten your guests’ day.

For a child’s party:

4. Huge crayons:

This party favour is awesome for kids because it’s an easy DIY that they will love. You can easily use the broken crayons around your home or go to your nearest dollar store to create this cost-effective gift. Just melt the crayons together in your oven to create a giant crayon worthy of an awesome party favour.

5. Masks:

Give children masks of their favourite superheroes or other favourite characters. You can make these masks beforehand or have the kids make them on their own. Either way, it’s a fun idea!

For any event:

6. Coasters:

DIY coasters are all the rage right now. It’s easy to buy tiles at a local home hardware store and utilize your favorite pictures to create a unique party gift.

7. Customized chocolates:

Everyone deserves a little sweetness in their lives. Why not give your guests some customized chocolates as an awesome party favour? You can choose any type of silicon mold that is suitable to your theme. From guitars to mustaches to baby bottles, you can find a fun mold to give your guests a customized party chocolate—or two!

8. Jar mixes:

Let’s face it…everything is better in a mason jar! Give the ingredients to your favourite recipe layered in a mason jar as a creative and useful party favour that is sure to wow your guests.

Try any of these 8 awesome party favours at your next event and rest assured that your guests will definitely be leaving happy!

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