5 Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

5 Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

As summer ends and fall slowly creeps in, another “wedding season” comes to a close. The time between June and September when the number of hosted weddings is at their peak. While December remains the most popular time to get engaged according to Weddingbells, approximately 67% of weddings occur between June and September.

Winter weddings are unchartered territory, which makes room for a truly unique experience. You have the opportunity to create an exceptionally memorable occasion that many would not think possible in the colder and darker months. We’re here to help make your day stand out and help you create everlasting memories.

If you’re planning a winter wedding, don’t stress! We’ve put together some helpful tips to help make your big day the magical winter wonderland it was meant to be.

Announce Your Date Early

Be sure to send out your Save the Date messages earlier than you think you should. As winter is a time of celebration and festivities, many people may be unavailable, especially if your wedding is taking place close to the holiday season.

Sending out your Save the Date messages or invitations early will relieve the stress of wondering if your loved ones will be able to join you on this magnificent day. Even if it’s not the holiday season, many people vacation during the winter and you want to spend your day with the people who matter the most. So, make your wedding date known before anyone can plan their all-inclusive beach getaway.

Dress for the Occasion

Brides opting for a long-sleeved wedding dress will help set the tone for the day. Not only will it help you to stay warm throughout the day, but a long-sleeved dress gives you the freedom to experiment with different fabrics and details, which may not be possible with a short-sleeved summer dress. Long-sleeved gowns also offer an element of elegance that will make you a stunning winter bride.

If you’re looking to stay warm, a closed-toe shoe is probably your best option, and there are endless choices for each bride. A classic pump with icy embellishments, snow-white stilettos, ankle booties, or even snow boots are all acceptable footwear for your occasion.

To compliment your look, accessorize with some chic coverups. Try a vegan fur stole to warm up with your beautiful bridesmaids. For pictures, wrap yourself and your loved one in a plaid flannel blanket to capture your warm and intimate moments amidst the snow. You can also keep your venue stocked with these for your guests as they come in from the cold.

Prepare for the Weather

Since you’ll be experiencing cooler temperatures on your wedding day, be sure to plan for extra travel time. This way, you and your guests can arrive at the ceremony safely and on schedule if the weather were to take a turn for the worse.

This is the benefit of having your ceremony and reception at the same venue, the weather conditions could make travel difficult, and if you’re in one place, you reduce any risks that come with winter driving, making your day run as smoothly as possible.

Ask a nearby hotel to block off some extra rooms if the weather becomes too treacherous to travel home. This will give you the peace of mind that all of your loved ones are safe on your special day.

Décor as Heat Sources

To make your reception feel like a real winter retreat, and use décor that can double as heat sources. You can use candle arrangements as centrepieces or add some small twinkling lights outside to use the winter landscape to your advantage. Winter means it gets dark earlier; these lights will reflect off the snow and sparkle, creating a magical illusion.

You can also use one of our majestic fireplaces as a spot for couples to cozy up together so that love not only radiates from you both but spreads like wildfire throughout the room. Pair this with some festive shades and wintertime décors like birch and pine, and you have a recipe for an enchanting night.

Share the Love and Keep Your Guests Warm

Thank your family and friends for braving the cold to watch you tie the knot. Set up a station where they can indulge in some sweet stuff to soothe the winter chill. A hot toddy, mulled wine, or hot apple cider will warm them up and put them in the mood to dance the night away. Add some winter flavour with Beavertails or sticky toffee pudding and give them the fuel they need to keep the party going.

At the end of the night, make sure your guests never forget your winter wedding by giving out festive wedding favours. Create some customized gifts by having your wedding date stitched into a pair of gloves or ear warmers; this way, they can relive your wedding day whenever they brave the cold.

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