5 Tips To Designing A Small Wedding Cake

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The modern wedding cake’s history dates back to the Duke of Albany, Prince Leopold’s wedding in the early 1880’s. Other variations of the wedding cake can be traced back as far as Ancient Rome. The wedding cake was traditionally made in order to bestow good luck upon the newlyweds and all of their guests.

Today, the cake often serves as a beautiful, focal, centerpiece at the reception. With the long, rich tradition of the wedding cake, a lot of couples find choosing the right cake to be an important task. But, let’s face it, sometimes the stress of finding the perfect cake, pricey costs, and size of wedding cakes can be overwhelming.

These days, many couples are choosing to design a small wedding cake.

Sometimes, these cakes serve as decoration only and then a sheet cake is served to guests. Other times, the small cake can be used for just the symbolism of ‘cutting the cake’. Whether you choose to make the small wedding cake yourself or want to give input to your cake decorator, the following are five tips to design a small wedding cake.

1. Practice makes perfect:

If you choose to go down the DIY route, you may want to practice baking and constructing your cake (possibly a few times) to make sure you can get it perfect for your big day!

2. Ask a friend:

Perhaps you want to design a small wedding cake in order to save a few extra bucks, but baking just isn’t your bag. If this is the case, consider asking friends, or friends of friends, to help in the cake making department.

3. Know what you want:

If you are consulting with a professional baker, have a good idea about what you want. Knowing your colors, theme, flavor, and similar factors are good places to start.

4. Have fun with it:

Utilizing a smaller sized wedding cake gives you the freedom to have fun with decorating it—so go for it!

5. Use these fun and creative decorating ideas:

There are tons of decorating ideas that you can utilize for your small wedding cake to make it truly unique and perfect for your perfect day.

The following are our favorite suggestions to use:

Edible flowers or your wedding flowers
Fresh herbs
Seashells such as mussels or conchs
Dried, candied, or whole fruits
Macarons, candy, or other delectables
Tall cake toppers to provide some height
Mini-balloons or metallic embellishments
Mix and match and of the above!

Designing a small wedding cake can be fun, creative, and easy if you take these steps into consideration!

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