Choosing the Right Catering Style for Your Next Corporate Event

Choosing the right catering style for your next corporate event

Food is the most important component of any party. Why? Because everyone remembers the food (for better or for worse). Everything, from snacks to main courses and desserts to beverages, should be carefully planned to ensure everyone has a satiated palate. 

This kind of food management can get a little tricky when done on your own, but with the skilled chefs at Château le Jardin, you can have the cuisine of your dreams. Our in-house event catering service helps you customize your party menu and prepare delectable dishes for your corporate event. Choose our services and our professional team will give you the best experience to make your big day shine.

With corporate event catering, there are so many details to consider, and organizing catering can be a complicated task. That’s why you need to ask yourself the right questions once you start planning your event. Consider the points below when choosing food services for your event. This can range from appetizers and drinks to a five-course meal. 

  • How many associates are attending? 
  • Where will this event take place? 
  • Will any of the guests require specific dietary requirements? 
  • What is your business’s budget for food?

Some of the different types of meal service include the following:

Buffet Service

For lunch or dinner, consider providing a buffet with pre-selected food items so guests can serve their desired dishes themselves. The buffet option allows those with small appetites to take smaller portions, while those who really enjoy eating can load up their plates with their favourites. The ability to control one’s portion results in less waste. Buffets are also an easy way to offer options to those with particular dietary restrictions.

Consider the vibe you want for your event. For instance, you might prefer a buffet with salad and entrées served simultaneously if your reception is going to be filled with people dancing, chatting, and taking pictures all night.

The price of a buffet option will vary according to the number of stations selected. A buffet can also be a great choice, as it will allow your associates to interact with each other, making it a little less formal than a sit-down meal.

Plated Meal Service

Plated dinner services might be a better option if you’re a foodie and want a leisurely multicourse dinner. It allows your guests to select a specific entrée in advance, and they will know what to expect. Plated meals typically consist of an appetizer, salad, entrée, and dessert, which can take a bit longer to prepare and serve. 

Sit-down meals are much like eating at a restaurant, but your caterer will handle everything. As opposed to buffets, people won’t have to stand while they get their desired dishes; instead, they’ll be served by waitstaff (or a chef!). They’re the perfect choice for awards nights, conferences, and Christmas parties.

Typically, sit-down meals are designed for events where people will be seated at a table for most of the time. Plated meal service is generally a more sophisticated option that is semi-formal to formal in nature.

Family-Style Catering Service

Family-style catering is a compromise between the buffet and plated catering styles. Each plate contains a single dish rather than a complete meal. In addition to increasing interaction among guests, family-style dining promotes good feelings and warm conversation. 

Furthermore, guests are able to control their portions, creating a homely atmosphere at your event. Guests will be more relaxed, and your event will be even more successful. 

Grazing Tables and Sharing Platters

Grazing tables and sharing platters are a series of deconstructed canapes and finger foods that are displayed on self-serve platters. The idea with grazing tables is to offer a plethora of taste sensations with cheese, nuts, dried fruits, crackers and breadsticks, relishes, pickles, and more.

This catering style is suited for pre-event functions, workshops, training days, and brainstorming corporate sessions. Grazing tables and sharing platters are perfect for a number of different events, and help to foster connections and a sense of community as well.

Cocktail Reception Service

This is a simple meal session that includes light or finger foods. It’s great for a short event option or for a quick break in between corporate work sessions.

Cocktail parties are the ideal setting for serving canapes and finger foods. Servers rotate through the space or guests can help themselves. These easy-to-eat and tasty bite-sized foods are perfect while people are mixing and mingling.

Also, a grazing table or shared platter can be set up in a corner of the venue for a corporate cocktail party, thus encouraging people to congregate in that area and serve themselves.

If you are planning an event and need a professional and accomplished catering company, why not choose Château Le Jardin? With over thirty-five years of experience and a massive passion for food, we have the expertise and skill to take any event to the next level with world-class cuisine. Sit back and taste the sweet success of your catered event, and celebrate with your team.

For more information on event catering in Vaughan, you can call Château Le Jardin at 1-888-529-8573 or book a consultation here.

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