5 Wedding Getaway Car Ideas

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Your first car ride together as newlyweds is an exciting and priceless moment!  Whether it’s after your ceremony, on the way to your reception, or at the end of the night, your car ride is an opportunity to make a grand entrance or unforgettable exit. Here are some unique and classic wedding car decoration ideas to spark your imagination to ensure that you ride off in style.

Traditionally, it’s the responsibility of the groomsmen to decorate the getaway car but you can decide to leave it up to your wedding planner, a friend or even do it yourself. Vehicles are very important and very personal to people. The getaway car might be a key part of your story, perhaps it’s where you first kissed or maybe you fell in love on your first road trip together or it’s the car he drove you to the beach to propose.

The car could also be an element that the groom is really excited about. There’s no better time to rent the classic car of your dreams than your wedding day. If your getaway car is a rental, remember to get permission from the wedding transportation vendor before adding any decorations or embellishments to avoid fees. Here are 5 wedding getaway car ideas for your special day!

1. Tin cans

Tin cans are a classic wedding car decoration idea and an iconic wedding detail. We’ve seen them in countless movies and are great if you love being traditional. There’s no other time in life that you can have tin cans trailing behind you catching everyone’s attention. Simply tying tin cans to the back of your bumper might seem effortless and easy but you also run the risk of looking sloppy if you don’t plan it out properly. Be sure to use empty cans only and remove any labels. Make sure that the labels are removed completely to avoid looking messy. Attach them using durable string or rope that won’t snap after a few minutes of driving.

2. #Just Married

If you’re transporting your entire wedding party, you will most likely need a larger vehicle. This is the perfect opportunity to use that extra space to decorate the side with your wedding hashtag. Whether it’s a private shuttle or school bus, you can use custom signage or a banner. Make sure that it’s a temporary option and can be easily removed after your wedding day. Even if it’s just you and your spouse in a regular sized car, you can get a custom decal to place on the back window.

3. Vintage cars

The vehicle you choose to travel in on your big day is an exciting decision so you want to make sure to choose a form of wedding transportation that will allow you to arrive in style. Consider renting a vintage vehicle as they give a classic and timeless feel to the proceedings and ensure the car rides are elegant and sophisticated. A good classic car idea could be a vintage beetle or give your wedding a romantic, fairy tale feel by arriving in a horse-drawn carriage.

4. Florals

Floral garlands are the perfect addition to any form of transportation. It’s eye-catching and appealing, and will definitely let anyone know that there are newlyweds in the car! You can either buy flowers from the florist or buy fake ones and create your own garland. You can also find a specialist to create a garland for you as well. Either way, florals will ensure that your vehicle stands out and adds a romantic touch.

5. Themes

Consider having a themed car. If you got engaged in New York or you’re going there for your honeymoon, rent out an iconic yellow taxi, which is a great way to reference this. If you’re going somewhere tropical, decorate your car in palm leaves and ribbons to add that special touch! Even if it’s simply matching the theme of your wedding, match your car to the colour theme of all your decor to tie everything together.

We all want to leave a lasting impression upon exiting, especially on your wedding day. The end of your wedding might be bittersweet but it’s also very exciting. All your loved ones gather to watch and wave as you and your spouse start the rest of your lives together. You want to make sure that moment is memorable whether it’s traditional, vintage or unique.

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