8 Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a Wedding Venue

Mistakes to avoid when picking a wedding venue

Your wedding venue sets the tone for your entire day. Whether you have both your ceremony and reception in the same venue, or just your reception, you want an inviting space with superb food and delightful details that make your wedding truly memorable. While you might think you know exactly what you want with the wedding banquet halls Vaughan offers, it’s easy to let your emotions take over. This can result in mistakes that lead to bad food, poor service and unhappy guests. 

Here we cover the eight mistakes to avoid when picking your wedding venue.

1. Going over budget

Before you start planning any element of your wedding you need to set your budget. Your budget needs to include every element of your wedding from the gown and tux to the transportation to get to your ceremony, and from the flowers and entertainment to the food. All of these things add up pretty fast. Once you know your budget, keep in mind that the reception venue and meals typically account for 50% of all wedding expenses. 

2. Not visiting the venue

Despite worries about COVID, or even busy schedules, never, ever choose a wedding venue based on what you see online. It’s very easy for a professional photographer to make even the dingiest space look stunning. Also, photos can also be out of date, or not even show the venue at all! Make sure you visit the venue – and in fact, visit at least three shortlisted venues before making your decision.

3. Not considering the location

It can be very easy to get carried away by that romantic vineyard, trendy barn or edgy art gallery, but how will guests get there? Keep in mind that not everyone drives. Also the time it takes to get to the venue is important. This includes both timing to the venue from the ceremony site, and also from where most guests live. 

Weddings are expensive events, and many guests won’t be too keen on having to book a room because your venue is a two hour drive away. Choose a venue that’s easy for your guests to get to and if the ceremony is at a different venue than the reception, make sure it’s easy to get from one to the other. 

4. Not using a checklist

There are several things you need to consider both from a practical standpoint and from a romantic, ideal setting standpoint. Using a checklist makes it easier to check the important elements off your list, and then compare each venue on a like-for-like basis, to come up with the ideal spot. From a practical standpoint consider:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Set up such as a dance floor, sound equipment, etc.
  • Onsite services such as catering, servers, décor set up, flowers, sound system management, etc.
  • Bathrooms
  • Parking
  • Trouble-shooting, such as ‘is there an indoor option if the weather is bad for an outdoor wedding?’
  • Service
  • Guest capacity
  • Table linens, glasses, etc.

From a romantic, dream wedding standpoint consider:

  • The menu
  • The setting
  • The ambience and feel of the place
  • The views
  • Photo ops

Plus, consider anything important to you that you’ve always imagined for your wedding.

5. Not considering the layout and décor of the actual event room

You might get completely bowled over by the beauty of a venue, but not look close enough at the actual space where your event will take place. Remember, this is where people will be gathered, where the food will be served, where your design theme will have to fit in, where your dancing will take place, etc. Ask yourself a few questions to determine if the event room is right for you:

Does the actual space meet all of your needs? Will you be able to create the look you want with your décor? Does the setting match what you are planning? Is the space the right size? Will your table plan make sense here? Is it easy for guests to get to food, washrooms, the bar, etc.? 

All of these things contribute to how well the space will actually work for your wedding.

6. Not considering the weather

This isn’t just important for outdoor weddings. There are some very unique wedding venues that can prove disastrous because of the weather. For example, a sunny day at an indoor farm or vineyard might seem idyllic, unless it poured rain the night before. This will have women in high heels and long dresses sloshing through mud. Plus, if it’s an outdoor wedding, heat and humidity on a summer day can make guests feel extremely uncomfortable and even sick. Consider the ways weather will affect your day and make sure your venue has effective ways to deal with these issues, so your day isn’t ruined.

7. Not tasting the food

Another big mistake is not tasting the food. If your venue provides the catering, make sure they offer a tasting menu so you can sample the food. You want a venue with an experienced chef who is willing to work with you to create a truly unique experience. Spend time with them, taste their food, share your ideas and feel comfortable. Make sure they can produce the type of meal that will satisfy you and your guests completely.

8. Not asking what services are provided

Not understanding what services the venue provides can lead to real confusion and utter chaos on your wedding day. Some things to discuss include:

  • Set up of the room
  • Servers, including a bartender
  • Setting up sound systems
  • Receiving deliveries of things such as flowers, wedding cake, specialty décor items, things needed for your entertainment, etc. and whether they then handle set up for these deliveries
  • Provision of table linens
  • Cake cutting and serving if you bring in your own cake
  • Whether or not you are allowed to bring in your own cake and other items
  • Welcoming and directing guests
  • Valet parking
  • Helping arrange for rides

All of these things are very important to the success and enjoyment of the day.

To learn more about the ideal wedding banquet halls Vaughan offers, call Chateau Le Jardin at 1-888-5298573 or contact us here. 

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