8 Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Banquet Hall

Tips for choosing the best banquet hall

Selecting the right venue is the key to a successful event, and that means finding the best Vaughan banquet hall. Finding the right spot to host your event sets the tone for the entire event. Whether you’re planning the company’s holiday party or are hosting a family reunion, the first step is always to book the venue. To find the perfect spot, there are some industry secrets; life hacks that professional event organizers develop after years in the field. Here, we’ve curated a list of 8 pro tips to help you select the ideal banquet hall for your event.

1. Check availability

The first consideration when finding a Vaughan banquet hall for your event is to get the scheduling in order. Choose three reasonable days during which you can host the banquet. Be sure to check for conflicts such as major holidays or the workweek. Order the dates by preference, and consult with your shortlisted venues to check availability. If the location won’t work for the dates you need, you can remove it from the list and move on to other candidates. Provided the venue can meet your scheduling needs, you can continue your research.

2. Consider size

Think about how many people you plan to invite to your event. Either using the RSVP data or your reasonable best estimate, set a number of attendees. Add to that number any catering staff, DJs, or other support that will be at the banquet.

Think about how that number of people can fit into the venue. While the fire code sets standards, these are based on safety rather than comfort. Opting for somewhere with high ceilings and ample space allows your guests to feel at ease during the event. Ask the venue about the average number of attendees in the rooms you’re considering. This can give you a reference point to inform your decision.

3. Cost

Provided the date and size accommodate your needs, the next major consideration is the price of the venue. When you’re assessing the cost of the service, don’t get a simple one-number quote.

A detailed cost breakdown can help you understand what you are actually getting. Does the service include tables and chairs? How long do you have to set up and tear down? Are there any extra fees or required licenses to use the space? Understanding exactly what to expect from your venue lets you remain within budget without compromising the banquet’s quality.

4. Lighting

A candlelit dinner is different from fluorescent office lighting. Perhaps the most significant part of ambience, lighting plays a large role in establishing the energy in a room. A venue that includes multiple lighting options lets you customize the banquet experience. For instance, a bold amber incandescent hue is ideal for dinner, whereas a deep rose can draw attendees to a dance floor.

Consider what ambience you seek. Natural lighting can support a daytime corporate event, while you may want artificial light for other events. Ask the venue about the lighting and see if it aligns with your expectations.

5. Acoustics

Your guests should be able to hear clearly and easily, and that all comes down to acoustics. If you’re hosting an awards banquet, graduation, or a wedding, then 2CELLOS should be able to play and David Blain should be able to disappear (and magically return). The structure of the room determines how sound will move throughout the area.

This impacts everything from how sharp your speech sounds to whether the DJ drowns out conversation. A good trick is choosing somewhere with high ceilings and forgiving walls. Older architecture (or new buildings inspired by it) is a good default.

6. Privacy level

Depending on the nature of your banquet and who plans to attend, you may desire a level of privacy. Perhaps you wish to keep the event simple and reserve invitations to close friends and family members. Alternatively, if confidentiality is required, consider whether the banquet hall allows for it.

Think about entrances, exits, and windows. If there is an easy way to park and get to the event without a fuss, that’s the first step. Secondly, think about any windows and where they face. Many high-grade venues accommodate privacy.

7. Accessibility

Think about how easily you can reach the Vaughan banquet hall. Is it easy to drive by using main routes? Is there appropriate parking? Is it reasonably close to the airport and major highways? If you have attendees travelling from outside the local area, then it’s often easier to streamline the transportation by choosing a venue close to points of entry.

The next part of accessibility involves those who require anything from ramps to specialized washrooms. Consider any wheelchair access or other special accommodations you may need. Ramps, elevators, and automatic doors controlled by a manual button are three basic services most banquet halls include. Inquire of the venue whether their service can support those needs.

8. Intuition

The final consideration involves going with your gut. This is usually easiest if you can visit the venue in person, though you can also base your assessment on your experience with the business. Consider all of the above; however, when it comes down to it, trust your instincts. There are many wonderful venues in Vaughan, and as long as the venue meets your needs, it all comes down to how you feel about using that banquet hall.

Final Thoughts

Every event is unique and finding a venue that can accommodate your vision is important. The room should support the nature of the event: professional for work events, and casual for family gatherings. Ultimately, you know what your event needs. By working with a reputable company with plenty of options for banquet rooms, you can easily find the most suitable room. A banquet room transforms a simple area into a magical space where your event can unfold smoothly.

To learn even more about how Château Le Jardin can help find you the ideal banquet hall, call us at 289-236-1903 or send us a message here. We can’t wait to help you arrange the perfect event!

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