A Walk Down the Aisle to Remember: How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

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The ring, the dress, signature bubbly, and being surrounded by the ones who matter most to stand witness to your love all make a wedding to remember. The question is, can you get all these essentials in time for walking down the aisle?

Before throwing yourself into cake tasting, dress fittings, dinner rehearsals, and bridal showers – figure out what matters most to you.

Whether it’s giving out boxes of ‘Mint to be With You’ or releasing butterflies as you say “I do”, the perfect wedding captures the magic of your story. It reminds you of everything you fell in love with, even years down the line. Here’s everything you need to say “I do”:

The Non-Negotiables

They say married life is all about choosing to be with each other every day for the rest of your life, and it all starts on your wedding day. That’s why it has to be perfect. Your dream wedding starts with figuring out the details that matter most to you, such as a venue, date, menu, and guest list.

For couples who want to go the extra mile in celebrating their special day, these can also include a theme and entertainment. Whether you want your relationship captured in all of these aspects or you’re focusing on select keepsakes, the most memorable weddings are those built around your identity as a couple.

Stick to a Budget

You can’t put a price on true love, but the fact is, weddings involve expenses. The question is, how much can you reasonably spend, with enough for your future?

To ensure stable finances as you start married life, you’ll first need to set a wedding budget. A set amount — whether family members will be contributing or not — informs your choices for the venue, food and drink, entertainment, and other wedding expenses, ensuring that you only spend as much as you’re comfortable with.

What’s your Style?

A lot of little girls grow up planning their dream wedding and taking turns playing the bride with friends and siblings, and over the years, we all develop a more refined vision of this big day.

Now that it’s here, it’s time to sort through tons of Pinterest vision boards to create the exact look and feel you want, whether it’s a classic lace bodice or barn-style decor for rustic charm.

With a clear picture of your wedding day, you can easily sort through vendors that offer the dress, cake, venue, and other essentials — even with personal touches and traditions that matter to you.

Save the Date

When would you like to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Your wedding day will mark this milestone for the rest of your lives — and in the present, tells you how much time you have to make it happen.

Think about the time of year and seasonal accents to go with them, like warm autumn leaves, blooming spring gardens, the classic June bride, and winter wonderland. Choosing an ideal date well in advance also allows you to book a venue and vendors you want, ensuring a memorable, personalized celebration.

Get Organized

There’s no other way to put it, but stay on top of wedding plans — the fond memories you’ll have will thank you over the years. Start by writing down ideas, setting up checklists, and deciding on a comprehensive schedule. This allows so you can get the dress, venue, ceremony, caterer, live band and guest list all in order before exchanging I do’s.

Your master checklist can be broken down according to tasks that need to be done months, weeks, and even days prior to walking down the aisle. Have a schedule to ensure that family friends arrive as scheduled and vendors are able to set up hair and makeup, the ceremony, food stations, bar, A/V equipment, and other essentials that make up your big day.

Choose your Guests Wisely

Your wedding will definitely draw lots of love from family and friends coming out to support you on your big day, but there will always be that handful of people who have been with you from the very beginning and witnessed your story unfold.

It’s a huge honor to invite special people to be part of your wedding party but keep in mind that this can come with additional expenses, from finding similar dresses and tuxedos, to giving out special party favours as a thank-you.

Depending on the size of your families and social circles, you’ll also need to think of the headcount for the guest list. Take time to sit down with your partner and discuss who you would want to share this special day with, whether you want an all-out party or an intimate gathering.

In the end, what matters is that you’re surrounded with nothing but love — without going over-budget.

Find your Special Place

Destination — or even off-site weddings in a large barn or garden — have a unique character that allows you to play with the landscape and use it as a magical backdrop. Unfortunately, these also pose challenges in terms of getting vendors together, since various equipment and supplies — and tons of backup — would have to be transported to the venue.

In contrast, an on-site wedding at a banquet hall or hotel often comes with catering, AV equipment, decor, and chairs and tables rental packages. They’re essentially a one-stop-shop for the wedding of your dreams.

Wherever you choose to exchange vows, just make sure that you’re working with vendors you can trust. Whether it’s sharing the same style philosophy, having a portfolio of equally romantic weddings, or being open to questions at every step of the way, the right vendors play a huge role in creating a day to remember.

Get All Hands on Deck

We’re no strangers to bridezilla stories, whether it’s an older sibling or a close friend whom you’ve helped walk down the aisle. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of planning a heartfelt and memorable wedding, but remember that it takes more than one person to mark this special occasion. Don’t be afraid to share the joys — and bumps — along the way.

Marriage is a partnership — and even if you spent a huge chunk of your relationship playing house until you got it right, the real deal is just right around the corner. Being equally involved in wedding planning not only exercises and affirms your partnership, but it’s also a chance to walk down memory lane and remember everything you fell in love with — and commemorate these in the little details.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to well-wishers like family and friends in the wedding party. They’re all part of your story and are just as excited to help by giving you a proper send-off to the next chapter.

For couples on a budget or who simply want a personal touch at every step of wedding planning, a full-service wedding planner isn’t a priority. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get professional help.

An event coordinator is a great option for keeping track of the schedule and vendor delivery, eliminating the hassle of last-minute tasks when you should be getting pampered and breaking out the bubbly before walking down the aisle.

Tie the Knot — and Make it Legal

Just because you put a ring on it doesn’t mean it’s legal. Don’t forget to make your wedding official, so you can get on with married bliss right away. Gather all the documents and file the necessary paperwork for securing the marriage license, and make sure that it’s valid.

Celebrate your Love

A lot of couples don’t realize this until it’s over, but your wedding is your special day, so make it count. It’s your party and your journey that everyone you love is coming together to celebrate, so make sure to take time to bond with your partner, and avoid getting caught up in the stress of planning.

As your big day rolls around, remember that there’s nothing more important than being present in the moment.

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