How to Plan the Best Bridal Shower Ever

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If your best friend is getting married, you are probably the one who has to take on the task of throwing her bridal shower. If you are not the type of girl who is accustomed to throwing parties, you are probably almost certain bridal showers are not your thing. Take a deep breath and relax, as planning the perfect bridal shower for your friend is not going to be nearly as dreadful as you think. Here are some bridal ideas, and unique wedding shower ideas for you to modify to throw the blushing bride the most fantastic bridal shower ever.

It’s All About Her

The first thing you need to remember as you plan your friends shower is, the event needs to be all about her. You should center the event around the bride’s tastes. Like for instance, if she likes pink carnations, make sure you decorate her head table with a centerpiece that contains pink carnations. You could also create place cards with carnations on them for your tables. You could even ask invitees to wear pink or another color of your choosing to honor the bride. Whatever you do, just make sure that the bride’s style and personality is apparent at her shower.

Pick a Time and a Date

The next thing you need to do if figure out the time and the date of the shower. Unlike weddings, Showers can take place at any time of the day or night. You can schedule them as far out as six months from the wedding, or as close to two weeks before the wedding. If you are planning an informal shower during the day, it is customary for the host to pay for the event. However, if the bride has a large number of people in her wedding party or in her circle, you should solicit the help of some of the other bridesmaids to see if they would be willing to help you plan and host the event. Other members of the wedding party should make themselves available to help decorate and clean up after the event.

Get Your Ideas from the Bride

If you really want to make the shower a memorable event for the bride, you really need to include her in the planning process. What better person to get bridal ideas than the bride? Make sure she has already created a registry. If she has not done so, volunteer to go with her to register for the items she really wants.

It is also a good idea to check with her to see is she has a certain theme in mind for her shower. If she does, plan the shower around that theme. For instance, if you have a bride who happens to be a movie buff, you might want to plan a shower on a deck or in a backyard. You could get one of those large inflatable screens to show movies on. You could make invitations with movie reels and projectors on them. You could even create a designer alcoholic drink or non-alcoholic punch that represents the bride’s favorite movie. This is where you can really dig in and use your imagination.

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