10 Creative Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

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Hosting the right corporate event is one of the most effective strategies for both drawing new clientele to your business and showing your appreciation for your hard-working employees. Your event theme and entertainment choices should integrate seamlessly with your venue, guests, and business horizons.

Looking for ideas to make your upcoming corporate event a smashing success? Why not put on a show that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Set a precedent by booking entertainment that will take your event from good to extraordinary.

To help you get inspired, here are ten creative corporate event entertainment ideas.

Idea #1: Interactive food and drink stations

Food may be the most critical part of any event. The first thing an attendee is asked after an event is often “how was the food.” Good food makes people feel valued and happy, and if you are looking to leave a lasting impression on the ‘foodies’ in the crowd, you may want to consider centering your corporate event around interactive food and drink stations. From customizable cocktail and espresso bars to stir-fry stations and food trucks, there are plenty of ways to cater to the taste buds of everyone involved.

Idea #2: Photobooths

Are you hosting an event for a company specializing in digital media? If so, this may be the entertainment idea for you!

Since 1925, when the first photo booths were invented, picture party favours have been a definite favourite! However, today there are many fun options that can be incorporated into a corporate event. These include:

Renting a classic photo booth: Many companies still offer the opportunity to rent a photo booth that allows new and old friends alike the nostalgic luxury of piling behind the famous red curtain for endless fun.

Social photo booths: Social photo booths are the tech-savvy grandchildren of photo booths that make it easy for the social-media obsessed people of today to capture stills, videos, or GIFs that can be instantly shared straight to social media. Don’t forget to share around your custom party hashtag!

Idea #3: Contests

Does you or your business have a bit of a competitive edge? Centering your corporate event around a bit of friendly competition will certainly liven things up! Some fun contest ideas include:

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Caption contest
  • Trivia night
  • Silent auction

And More!

Idea #4: Barbecue theme

If you are looking to create a close-knit corporate community within your business, consider hosting a barbecue for your next event. Bring in a bunch of barbecues and some delicious Canadian grown beef burgers and start grilling! A barbecue-themed corporate party is a reminder of summer days spent with friends and family over drinks and yard games – what better way to introduce a laid-back environment to your day!

Idea #5: Hire a corporate comedian

Everyone can appreciate a good laugh. A corporate comedian specially caters to hitting the funny bones of a professional environment. Whether they poke fun at the shredder that keeps eating brands skirts or the mystery co-worker who steals custom cups and snacks from the staff lounge, they will keep everyone in high spirits all night long.

Idea #6: Hire a magician

Magic is fascinating to people of any age and profession, so you can’t go wrong booking a magician for your next corporate event (especially if there will be children present). Make a co-worker disappear or have your boss sliced in half – the mind games a magician can play will keep you mesmerized all night long!

Idea #7: Carnival

A day at the carnival is a great way to accommodate an event where there may be quite a few children or families in attendance. Depending on your budget, you can dream big by hiring all the classic carnival games, food stands, a clown, and if you’re extra ambitious, a Ferris wheel.

This idea can also fit with a small budget with food galore and classic activities such as the three-legged race and face painting. You never know, you might even be able to convince your boss to dress up as a clown.

Idea #8: Cover band

Cover bands allow you to choose how your guests are entertained as the style, genre, or theme of the songs played is easily accommodated to your event needs. Everyone loves a live act and hearing their favorite jazz or Motown mixes will keep your crowd dancing. If you want to up your game, bring in some professional dancers to wow the crowd or a dance teacher to give some free lessons before the music kicks off. This will equip the uncomfortable dancers in attendance some moves to practice out on the dance floor.

Idea #9: Murder mystery corporate party

A murder mystery corporate party is a fun way to incorporate role play into your evening. Some places in Toronto offer parties for up to 30 guests. Let loose and find out who among your staff may be capable of playing the rogue in an Agatha Christie novel.

Idea #10: Rock climbing

Rock climbing is the vogue activity of the year. With climbing facilities popping up all over, it’s no wonder that hosting rock climbing (or high ropes) corporate events are becoming increasingly popular for businesses everywhere. What better way to build a team based on trust and team spirit then allowing your boss, secretary, or client to hold your life in their hands. Besides climbing, many facilities also offer team building low ropes and ground challenge opportunities that focus entirely on team building initiatives.

These ten ideas to spice up your next corporate event are noteworthy. By getting creative and thinking outside the box, planning your next corporate event will not only be fun for you to prepare but will end in an unforgettable experience for employees and clients alike. Make your dreams a reality and start planning today!

To book an event, Le Jardin at (905) 851-2200 today, or visit us on site at 8440 Hwy 27 in Woodbridge, ON. No matter what you are planning, we look forward to making your next event a memorable one!

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