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Beautiful, unique lighting is a way to make your wedding as special and magical as it should be. Whether your wedding is inside or outside, day or night, and no matter your budget, there are so many ways to create memorable, original lighting designs.
Canopies of Lights
There are a few ways to create a canopy of light for your ceremony and reception, and all are impressive. For an indoor space, stringing lights along the rafters or ceiling creates a beautiful glow. The result is even more impressive outdoors in the evening. A tent or canopy of lights can create the ultimate magical effect.
Unique Light Fixtures
The element of surprise is a good one when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences. Choosing unique or unexpected light fixtures goes a long way. For a rustic wedding, repurposing items such as mason jars or wine bottles can make for unique lighting solutions. Incorporating rustic material like wood or wire into your lighting to create pendant lamps, or orb lights, will bring a relaxed, rustic feel.
For a more chic experience, try hanging chandeliers or glass lanterns from the ceiling. You can also illuminate the aisle and the dance floor with running lights, which can have a fantastic effect in the dark.
Use the Environment
It’s easy and affordable to string lights around trees or columns, but it makes a big impact! Wrap the room up in a warm glow by adding light to pre-existing elements of the room.
Add Color!
Who says everything has to be white? Adding color can really make your decorations pop. You can choose to go subtle with soft colored lighting or lanterns, or really make a bold statement by color washing your reception walls.
Use Natural Light
For a sunny-day wedding incorporating crystal, glass, or thin paper lanterns will enhance the natural lighting, flooding your beautiful day with sun. For example, hanging white paper lanterns from the ceiling of a sun filled room will catch all the light and make the room even brighter.
Unforgettable Centerpieces
Candles are so simple, yet so elegant. Create lovely centerpieces by floating candles and flowers in basins or vases for an ethereal floating centerpiece. Or, incorporate candles into floral arrangements.
Many items can also be repurposed as candle holders. Try using mason jars, antique tea cups, shells, or wine bottles for a rustic, DIY feel.
There are countless lighting ideas out there, whether you want a rustic feel, or a super chic affair. A beautiful, French-style Château, Château Le Jardin is the ideal place for your big day. Contact us today for more information!

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Myssah Singer
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priyanka sood
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