Curating a Menu for Your Event

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It can be fun and delicious as well as overwhelming when it comes to curating a perfect menu for your event. It can quite often be difficult to narrow down and mix and match everything with all the food and drink options available. Food is such an essential and imperative part of any event, and trying to balance your budget with guests’ palates can be overwhelming. Ensure that you give yourself enough time to do the research and map everything out. Also, make sure that you find a caterer that will listen to your opinions and help you create the perfect menu to go with your event. Here are a few things to keep in mind when curating a menu for your next event.

Set a Budget

It can get expensive quickly when it comes to food for events. Be sure you do your research and figure out what budget you have to work with. Also, ensure that you factor in everything from allergies to vegetarian options. This allows your caterer to understand the scope of your event from a budget perspective; they can then make recommendations accordingly.

Customize It

Having a customized menu will make it a memorable event for your guests. Figure out what the theme of your event is. Is there something you want to highlight, such as a culture, a type of food, or a place? Think about your favourite foods and how you could incorporate them into the menu. Use your theme, your preferences, and any other notable factors, and sit down with your caterer to figure out dishes that would be best suited for all taste buds involved. Also, be sure to determine what kind of event it will be and at what time. Will it be breakfast, brunch, or dinner time? If it takes place in the morning, have unique breakfast foods. If it’s more alcohol-focused, have a bar menu with items that pair with the drinks you are serving.

Experiential and Entertaining

It’s not always just about the food itself. Dining should be both entertaining and experiential. Can your guests feast with their eyes first? Create dishes that are artistic and visually appealing. Will the smell entice your guests? Use fragrant dishes and ingredients to pique their interests. What ingredients can you use to spark all the senses? Be sure to play with colour on your plates or stack the food in fun ways. Get creative and inspired. Also, consider if you want bite sizes or entrée portions. The possibilities are endless. Always keep in mind that your food should lead your guests through a culinary journey. If you have an event page and want to ensure that your guests’ opinions are heard, you can have a poll to allow them to vote on the most wanted dish.

Add Your Signature

Having a personalized and signature food, drink, or dessert will add the extra touch to your event. Personalized signature dishes or drinks will allow you to share your or the event’s personality with others. You can even play off of classic drinks and desserts and come up with catchy and creative names. Keep in mind the type of dishware you will be using and see if you can incorporate that within your menu for an even more memorable event.

Catering Services

Some event venues have a catering team in place ready to create your event menu with you. Most of the time they will have a set menu already and all you have to choose are the dishes you want to be served. Although the food is important, don’t forget to also have a well thought out drink menu as well. You will want to make sure that the drink menu is catered to all types of guests to ensure that there is something for everyone. Also, don’t forget about dessert! There are endless possibilities to the types of desserts you can serve and customizations as well. Additionally, some catering services will have packages that will help you stay within your budget.

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