DJ vs. Live Band: Which is Right For You?

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Music is always an important element of any event. Whether it’s a small outing with friends or a corporate event, music is important for setting the mood and making your event entertaining and memorable. The tough question comes down to whether you should go for a live band or a DJ. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the type of music for your event.

Event Type

The type of event you are hosting will determine what kind of music you should have. If it’s a smaller, more intimate party or celebration, a DJ is probably the best route to take. A good DJ can read the room and adjust the playlist based on the atmosphere of the room and the mood of the guests. If it’s a large-scale event, like a benefit, auction, or black-tie affair, bands would probably suit the event more. Bands are more sophisticated and give a luxurious feel, whereas DJs are more for an energetic and playful crowd.

Venue Size

Live bands are perfect for larger venues because they have a stronger entertainment and musical presence. A large venue can sometimes be overwhelming and overpower your entertainment and decor if you don’t properly plan for things in advance. A live band would be perfect in a large event setting, especially with the space’s acoustics. DJs are also a good option for large spaces as long as they are prepared with the right speakers and equipment. You want to make sure the music sounds good no matter where you are in the room and ensure it’s not just focused on one area. Both bands and DJs are good for smaller event spaces, too, but be sure to have a rehearsal to ensure that they have enough space to do their job comfortably.

Entertainment Value

You want to figure out which element to focus on in your event and whether live music or a DJ will give you the best entertainment value. Both options are entertaining, but each brings a different energy and atmosphere. Live music tends to get people excited and living in the moment. The best bands will interact with the audience, encouraging a good time for all. DJs are very popular with younger crowds and are very versatile. They can play anything from top hits to throwbacks. This will ensure that there is a music genre available for everyone and will get your guests on the dance floor. Some DJs don’t have a very strong stage presence and are mostly not heard or seen. So if that’s the type of energy you are looking for, DJs are perfect for keeping your guests happy and dancing for the rest of the night. Regardless, both experienced bands and DJs will know how to create the energy you want.

Music Repertoire

When hiring a band, keep in mind that they have a few limitations. Unlike a DJ, a band may have a limited repertoire of music. If you were looking for a variety of genres and generations of music, it might be hard, but not impossible, to find a band that does it all. Band members also need to take breaks, which can slow down your party if you don’t have backup music. Sometimes, bands will bring a DJ along with them or have a CD to play while they are off stage. Make sure you have a thorough rehearsal so that there are no surprises.

Song Selection

There are limitations when it comes to hiring a band. Bands typically only have 30 minutes to two hours of songs from a certain genre that they can play, which can be a problem if you have a specific song list for your event. Bands will always have a great variety of songs to play and if you give them enough notice, professional bands can learn a few songs by request. DJs have an endless number of songs to choose from, allowing you and your guests to make requests for a variety of genres.


The timeframe of your event is extremely important to consider. DJs can play music for at least five hours with little to no breaks. Bands, on the other hand, may only be able to play a maximum of four to five hours including breaks. Depending on the timeframe of your event, one option may be better than the other. If your event is going to be a long one where you want your guests to stay late and dance, a DJ is probably the best route.


Depending on your theme, you can easily do some research and find a DJ that will play songs and music suitable for your event. Even if you don’t know what kind of music you want to play, DJs always organize their own music and can advise and build the perfect playlist with you. Live bands may play fewer songs, but they can change their set-list to speed up the tempo or slow it down. The size of the band is also another option to consider. You can work with smaller three-piece groups, or larger ones with horn and brass players.


Typically, DJs are more affordable and budget-friendly than live bands. For live music, you pay for what you get. Depending on the size of the act (solo, duo, trio, band, small orchestra) and level of performance, you will be paying more for your entertainment. If you’re really stuck on whether to hire a DJ or a band, consider hiring both if it’s within your budget! A live band can keep the party going and engage your audience, while a DJ can play music during the breaks. You can even combine a DJ and saxophonist for a jazzy combination.

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