Food for Professionals: Why Your Next Corporate Event Needs to be Catered

Food for Professionals: Why Your Next Corporate Event Needs to be Catered

Whether it’s to send off a long-time CEO or debut an updated vision for the next decade, there’s nothing that indicates a positive company culture more strongly than a well-attended corporate event.

Company parties, presentations, and investor meetings allow you to network, explore opportunities to collaborate, and build lasting professional relationships. But a curated guest list alone might not be enough to create an event to remember.

Just like any party or gathering, corporate events require the basics: good food and drink, and good company. A professionally catered event takes care of all the essentials of entertaining, allowing you to accommodate the needs of every guest and host a truly successful event.

Here’s every reason why you’ll need a catering company to partner with — and leave the potluck dishes for friendly dinners instead.

A Tailored Dining Experience

These days, most restaurants and caterers are no strangers to making accommodations for various dietary restrictions. This keeps guests happy and their spirits up, making it easier to form lasting connections and leverage valuable business relationships.

It’s not a stretch at all — with happy, well-fed guests, you can also guarantee protection against unfortunate incidents, such as allergic reactions to shellfish and intolerances to ingredients like gluten.

It’s hard to keep track of these, so working with a catering company allows you to accommodate numerous dietary restrictions and intolerances, serving each guest a carefully curated meal.

Menu Classics

A uniquely curated menu creates buzz and excitement, but where do you start with food pairings? Even with exciting new flavours, you’ll still need a dish or two that ties all the elements of the culinary experience together.

Caterers know all about tried and tested food pairings and classic sets, making it easy to satisfy the most adventurous and comfortable palates. With set options and classic menu items, catering companies in Vaughan work with you to serve signature flavours your guests will love.

Stress-free Sustainability

Planning a corporate event can be stressful itself, with one of the major contributors to that being planning out the menu.

From allergies to special diets, to serving hundreds and sometimes thousands of people at once, it’s a large feat to tackle. Not only is deciding what food to get a huge task, but also how much food, plates, cutlery, presenting the food, and of course, the clean-up after. All this can lead to too much stress when already planning such a huge event.

Your best bet for making your corporate event a success? Hiring a professional catering company. With a catering company, you can eliminate the risk of shortage and waste, ensuring that you only pay for meals that guests can actually consume with enough to go around.

Caterers are experts at estimating and nailing individual food consumption to keep guests happy and in good spirits so you don’t have to worry about having too much, or too little, food.

Permit Handling

The fact is, food can make or break any event. Undercooked meat and improperly handled or stored ingredients can severely impact food quality, resulting in a less-than-great — or even unsafe — dining experience.

Catering companies work with professionals who are expertly trained and certified in food handling, ensuring the utmost safety and high-quality taste with every dish.

What’s an event without signature drinks that lift everyone’s spirits? Alcoholic beverages are a staple in any celebration, but these require special permits and licenses to serve. Catering companies are no strangers not just to wine and food pairings, but more importantly, helping you secure the right permits and licenses for serving alcohol at the event to complete the food and beverage menu.

A Great Reputation

From investment portfolios to client testimonials and employee awards, there’s no shortage of ways to communicate positive company culture.

Whether you only have one night to impress a key potential investor or simply need to promote better engagement with stakeholders, a successful corporate event can make or break these relationships that you’ve worked hard to cultivate.

A professionally catered event enables a seamless flow throughout the entire duration of the party or town hall, allowing guests to mix and mingle in good spirits. With a carefully curated menu and properly plated servings, the company leaves guests with a lasting impression of utmost professionalism and confidence.

Hassle-Free Entertainment

With packed calendars and project timelines, corporate events often only take place once or at most a few times a year. And with various shareholders you’ll want to impress and guarantee ongoing partnerships with, these events must go as smoothly and perfectly as possible.

As one of the biggest chunks of hosting a successful event comes down to the food and drink menu, you’ll want to work with only the most reliable vendors.

A professional catering company eliminates the stress and hassle of planning and serving a carefully crafted menu, ensuring that guests are happy, entertained, and satisfied. Avoid the hassle of clean-up with a professional team to help behind the scenes.

Tone and Atmosphere

New connections and meaningful conversations are at the core of successful corporate events, but there’s more to memorable entertainment than just talking. Food is an essential part of entertaining guests and making them feel valued; for large-scale events with lots of new and unfamiliar faces, it can even be an effective conversation starter.

For casual events where it’s important for guests to circulate and network, passing around trays of hors d’oeuvres creates an air of sophistication and elegance as guests frequently move around.

In contrast, a sit-down, plated dinner is more formal, allowing strategic seating placements for guests that need to sit together in order to facilitate important deals and partnerships. Catering companies help facilitate these arrangements, allowing you to set the tone and atmosphere for your corporate event.

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