How Much Should You Tip Your Wedding Vendors?

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Your wedding vendors are an integral part of your big day. They make sure that nothing is left to chance and that every moment is exactly how you had imagined. At the end of the day, you may find yourself so overwhelmingly grateful for the services that you want to thank them in some way.

After all, there is a lot that goes into wedding venues and events behind the scenes that take effort, time and careful planning. While it is certainly not expected, tipping can show your appreciation and gratitude for the services of your vendors.

We’ve compiled a list of different types of vendors and how much you should tip each if you are happy with their services and decide to go that extra mile.

Wedding Coordinators

Wedding coordinators are always behind-the-scenes, running around the venue and taking care of last-minute touches. Tipping your wedding planner or coordinator is optional and can be a nice surprise since they won’t be expecting it. As a guideline, 10-20 percent makes a good tip and shows that you are thankful for their efforts and attention to detail.


You can tip your officiant around $100-$200; however, if the officiant is associated with a house of worship such as a church and does not accept tips, you can donate to their institution as a gesture of appreciation.


Wedding photographers will never expect to be tipped, nor will they include a gratuity in their invoice. If you feel like your photographer went above and beyond with their services, then a $50-$200 tip at the end of the night would be appropriate. If there are multiple photographers or videographers, feel free to tip each separately.


When you go to a bar or restaurant, how much do you usually tip? Think of it this way when it comes to tipping your caterers, chefs and servers. 15-20 percent is the norm, and you can even tip individually depending on service.

Venue Staff

Venue staff can include anyone working to keep your wedding running smoothly, from coat room attendants to delivery and reception staff. It isn’t mandatory, but if you’d like to give them a tip, it can range from $5-$20 per worker. Keep in mind that while these workers can sometimes go unnoticed, they are often the ones who cater to you and your guests and make sure everyone is comfortable.

Remember that tipping doesn’t have to be just from the bride or groom or person paying for the services. As a wedding guest, you can tip certain venue staff, servers or parking attendants that help you out during the event. It doesn’t have to be grand; a small token of appreciation goes a long way.

Hair and Makeup Artists

Hair and makeup artists do wonders for the bride and groom. They make sure that everyone looks their best and that your best features are emphasized. Just like when you visit the barber or hairdresser, a tip is expected but of course, not mandatory. 15 percent would be the standard; however, you can tip more if they were punctual, courteous and left you satisfied with your look.


Flowers can certainly be a major highlight of any wedding. They add colour and sophistication to the venue and give off beautiful scents, all the while reminding guests of romance in the air.

While they certainly look beautiful on the tables and in centrepieces during the wedding, they all come from a florist who has to take extra care in growing them and making sure they are blooming and beautiful.

Florists don’t usually expect any tip, but if you are satisfied with the services and feel they went above and beyond to get the job done, then it is a nice touch. Feel free to give what you think is appropriate, depending on the service provided.


Whether you are hiring a DJ or live band, a tip is definitely appreciated. Not only are they responsible for keeping the crowd entertained, but they have to lug around all their hefty equipment and put a lot of heart, soul and even sweat into their performances. Tipping even $20-$50 per musician or entertainer can mean a lot.

While the days pass by and your dream wedding becomes closer to reality, keep in mind that tipping your vendors does not have to mean breaking the bank. Even a small gesture such as writing a review for the vendors or sending a thank you letter can be a nice compliment.

We thank our guests for attending, so why shouldn’t we also thank our vendors who are dedicated to making our special day magical?

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