How to Create the Right Seating Plan For Your Wedding

How to create the right seating plan for your wedding

It’s no secret that wedding planning is stressful. With so many moving parts and to-dos to complete, the preparation process for the big day can feel overwhelming and sometimes downright impossible.

For example, take creating a seating plan for the wedding. Many find arranging their guests a total headache, especially if families are meeting for the first time or if family politics are taken into account.

Unfortunately, no hard and fast rules decide who gets what chair. However, here are our top tips on creating the right seating plan for your wedding to make things a little easier.

Start Early

It’s best to start devising your wedding seating plan about two to three weeks before the event.

By then, you should have heard back from everybody you’ve invited. You should also already have some idea of the seating layout at this point, such as the type of tables you want to have or how they will be arranged.

On the other hand, as this timeline is not too rushed, it will allow for any last-minute changes if, for example, out-of-town guests cannot make it.

Choose Your Tables

Once you have finalized your guest list, you can determine how many tables you will need and how many people there will be per table.

Keep in mind that the shape of the table plays an important role. Long, rectangular tables often feel grander. However, round tables allow for more conversation and might be simpler for you to sort.

Get Organized

You might find it helpful to physically put pen to paper and map out your seating chart. You can do this by laminating pieces of paper in table shapes and labelling them with dry-erase markers. Alternatively, you can use an online tool such as AllSeated.

Furthermore, we suggest dividing your guest list into categories or colour-coordinated names before arranging, making the list less daunting.

Seat Yourself First

You and your fiancé should always have first priority when it comes to the seating plan.

It’s your wedding after all! Some couples choose to sit at the head table with their wedding party. Some opt for a sweetheart table reserved just for the bride and groom to avoid any drama.

Ask Your Parents for Help

Did your mum invite her friend who you haven’t talked to since you were 12? Chances are that you don’t know every one of your parents’ friends as much as they do.

Don’t be afraid to include your parents in the planning process, and give them a say about where their friends should be seated. They are also more likely to be up to date on all the family gossip and can help you with extended family members too.

Consider a Kids’ Table

Most kids like to be around other kids. So, give the children their own place to eat, play, and have fun with their peers.

Have a kid-friendly menu of simple foods, like cheese pizza and french fries, to serve them, and provide items such as colouring crayons to keep them busy. Trust us; your parent-friends will love you for it.

Avoid the Singles’ Table

While playing matchmaker at your wedding may be tempting, a singles’ table can feel awkward for your solo guests.

Rather than seating your guests by relationship status, we suggest mixing singles with families and couples with common interests for better and easier conversations.

Practice Sensitivity

It’s important to keep your guests’ unique needs in mind when deciding on table placement.

For example, grandparents and older guests will likely prefer to be in a well-lit area and further away from the band and loudspeakers.

Meanwhile, it’s a good idea to seat younger guests near the dancefloor, as they are more likely to enjoy the loud music and get up for a dance.

Be Creative With the Seating Chart

The seating chart is part of the wedding decor, and it is often one of the first things your guests will see when coming into your wedding.

So, be creative with it and infuse your personal wedding style in the design. Whatever the format, make sure that the seating chart is easy for guests to understand and follow.

Do Your Best, But Don’t Worry

After pouring over your long guest list and arranging and rearranging the seating assignments, you have finally drawn up your seating chart.

Our final and most important advice is to not worry about it on the big day. Some people may complain, but remember that you cannot accommodate everyone. Besides, everyone will be on the dancefloor once the music starts anyway!

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