How to Get Sponsors for Your Corporate Event

How to get sponsors for your corporate event

Event sponsorship seems unattainable to some party planners. It sounds too good to be true that someone else will pay for your event! That limited perspective needs to shift from doubt to determination, and the experts at Chateau Le Jardin will help you every step of the way.

This guide will allow you to determine if sponsorship is suitable for your particular event. You will learn what you need to know in order to source and secure the appropriate sponsors.

Our corporate event venue in Vaughan provides a multitude of options, so you can choose the perfect setting for a successful soiree.

Memorable Money Makers

Successful sponsorship begins with planning an interesting event with fun activities, exciting entertainment, and/or a compelling theme, goal, or worthy cause.

With some determination and due diligence, you can approach sponsorship companies with confidence. You can stop begging for funding and start presenting your event as a partnership opportunity with benefits for the funder.

Party Proposals With Punch

Present the party proposal with some punch and enthusiasm. Tapping into generous marketing budgets is easier than you may think.

Contrary to popular belief, finding a sponsor does not have to be difficult. In fact, all it takes is some research, due diligence, and confidence.

Seeking out sponsorship starts with making a list of your target audience. Then, you must create an event proposal with some punch. The tone of your proposal needs to be clear that your event will benefit the sponsor, and it must explain exactly how.

Sponsorship Success With Strength and Statistics

You will not be able to convince a major brand to sponsor your event if you do not see the value in sponsorship yourself.

The key is to present statistics that your event will entice the same demographic that your sponsor targets. Remain confident that your event is sponsor-worthy, and present a proposal that highlights the fact that you are providing a uniquely captive audience.

This can be very attractive to the right sponsor.

Lean on data points about the event’s audience to help make a strong case. Explain clearly how the attendees align with your funder. In your pitch, focus on the sponsor, what is important to them, and what ROI they may expect.

Although it can be discouraging to find a sponsor, understand that some proposals will be rejected or simply ignored. However, if you remain determined and strategize how your event can be more attractive to sponsors, then your success is certain.

Streamline Sponsors That Align With Your Event

Save your time and energy by streamlining your sponsorship list. Limiting the brands you reach out to is essential, and this guide will help you cherry-pick your prospects. The key is to align your event’s goals or theme with that of your prospective sponsor(s).

For example, if your event is an eco-friendly affair, then do some research to determine if the businesses you would like to partner with also employ sustainable practices for their business products or services.

How to Make a List of Likely Funders

Making a list of likely funders begins with the simple question: Who would be interested in the captive audience you are inviting?

Start the process early by strategizing who may fit the bill. Consider the different types of sponsorships available to you:

  • Financial sponsors: Money is contributed in exchange for shared exposure and brand placement, including exposure in ads, booths, promotions, etc.
  • Media sponsors: Media sponsors provide widespread publicity, whether it is a major newspaper, TV commercials, or online campaigns.
  • In-kind sponsors: This type of sponsor donates products and/or services depending on their own business. It is best to research what they sell (or the services they offer) and make suggestions on what you may need.
  • Promotional partners: These partnerships leverage celebrities who will attend your event, bringing with them their fans and followers.

Before creating your list of sponsors, determine what type of funders are best suited for you.

Your target list will depend on your budget, the size, and the nature of your event. You may approach all different types of sponsors, but we recommend that you customize each pitch to resonate with the decision-makers.

Could a sponsor make your event more successful?

Sponsorship can absolutely make you and your brand more successful, as it is a powerful marketing tool. Raising funds for your event is a definite plus, but it can be the gift that keeps on giving.

The positive impact on your business can create a number of opportunities that are not immediately apparent such as:

  • Name brand credibility
  • Exposure to clients through shared publicity
  • Increasing sales numbers and attendees

Should you seek a sponsor or go solo?

Do you still have questions about whether a sponsor is necessary for your event?
Here is how to tell:

  • Your event is large or high profile, with celebrity speakers or guests. Media sponsorship assures that your event will get significant coverage.
  • Your event goals require costly or additional items, which are not in your budget. If your goal is to expand your brand’s reach, then having extras like smart event badges or a mobile app will help you stand out as an industry leader.
  • You need to grow your customer base. Influencers, industry bloggers, and local celebrities can present an opportunity to reach their audience base, and it helps solidify your brand image.
  • Your event is a novel idea, or your brand needs building. The right sponsor brings industry credibility. Sponsorship is a testament to your brand and will result in a better event turnout.

As a general rule, sponsors want their brand associated with an event either because the event is for a good cause that the sponsor wants to support publicly, or because the event is hosted by a business that will promote the sponsor’s brand.

In addition to generating leads, event sponsorship can also produce valuable content for content marketing, develop business relationships, provide audience insights, and improve public perception.

At Château Le Jardin, we understand that each event is unique. Contact us today to discuss your perfect social event venue!

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