How to Get the Most Out of Your Banquet Hall

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Once you’ve got the engagement out of the way, the wedding planning begins. While this should be one of the most enjoyable things you’ll ever experience, for many, wedding plans can quickly lead to stress and frustration. Since there are so many elements to planning a wedding, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

Finding a banquet hall that can provide as many services as possible can be a lifesaver during the planning stages. You’ll also end up with a much smoother wedding day because almost everything is being handled internally by the banquet hall. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your banquet hall.

Ask for a Wedding or Event Planner

Even the most organized couples can soon find themselves drowning in event planning tasks that can take up more time than they have to spare. That’s where your banquet hall event planner comes in. The best banquet halls tend to be very generous in the staffing they can provide.

Suppose you have the chance to bring a wedding planner into the mix, jump on it. With a professional event planner, everything becomes much more manageable. They will discuss your event, learn what is important to you and set out to make things happen. You will be consulted along the way, so the final decisions are all you.

That helps you avoid making endless phone calls, trying to coordinate several suppliers at once and running around trying to bring everything together. The process becomes seamless so you can focus on important things such as your dress and tux, your guest list, socializing and enjoying being the center of attention.

Get Help Decorating

Unless you have booked a highly specialized venue, you will need to put a lot of thought into decoration. Working with the best banquet hall provides you with a long list of decoration items, including setting the perfect tables. They will also have contacts in the industry such as florists, lighting specialists and prop rental companies who they can work with to create the most stunning backdrop for your special event.

Every detail will be taken care of. When you make your entrance, you will be blown away by the flawless execution of your theme, colours and details that make the hall your own.

Bring in Some Furniture Flair

While every venue will provide necessary seating, weddings and events today call for some special touches that create the perfect ambience. Whether it’s a resto-bar feel or interesting heirloom pieces with a French chateau flair, these special touches create standout events people remember for years to come. The banquet hall can assist with these unexpected details and really make a difference in the event you create.

Go Beyond Basic Wedding Meals

Catering is a given for most banquet Halls. However, unique, customized menus are harder to come by. A banquet hall should be chosen not just for the everyday menus they offer, but instead for the out of the usual accommodations they are willing to make. What is the ideal meal for your wedding? Is it a five-course five-star meal, or a tempting buffet with an endless line of stations? Is it something unique to your culture to please your families, or is it based on something more casual and relaxed?

Meeting your needs does not just include being sensitive to special requests like diet restrictions and a vegan choice, but also creating one of a kind meals that reflect the couple’s personalities.

Asking your banquet hall to create specialty menus with above average offerings to impress and delight your guests brings the best out of their catering team. They will rise to the challenge and help you create an experience like no other. You can raise the bar for all the weddings to come in your circle of friends and family.

Books Awesome Entertainment

Another big challenge for weddings and events is coordinating the event date for all the different elements, from the banquet hall to the ceremony location and from the photographer to the entertainment.

The more things you can pass onto someone else to manage and schedule, the less stressful planning becomes. Entertainment booking such as DJs are often available for banquet halls, but they don’t always mention it.

To leverage your banquet team’s connections, always ask how they can assist in your entertainment scheduling. They are sure to have some recommendations, and if you are lucky, they can set up a demo and then handle the booking and negotiations.

Pre-Wedding Events

Since you’ve found a venue you love, why not ask about setting up some pre-wedding events? From intimate rehearsal dinners to engagement parties and stag parties to bridal showers, your banquet hall could be the perfect spot for many of your wedding-related social events. This makes it easier for you and allows you to get a feel for how your wedding day will be handled.

Finding the ideal banquet hall Vaughan couples love can be a challenge. However, if you discuss all of your needs and take the time to find out more about what a venue has to offer, you can find ways to make the most of their services.

If you would like more information about banquet halls in Vaughan, call Chateau le Jardin at +19058512200 or contact us here.

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