How to Host a Socially Distanced Bridal Shower

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You’ve earned your bridal shower and deserve to be showered in love and gifts. While social distancing is a challenge, you can find ways to celebrate together, even if it is via video call. Brides-to-be or Maids of Honour can come up with fun ways to set the spark of fun and indulgence in unique ways that will make everyone feel the celebratory vibe. Here, we look at how to host a socially distanced bridal shower that will mark the occasion, even though you can’t all be in the same place.

Send Out the Invites

People are probably not sure what to expect with the pandemic still in full swing. Prepare an invitation that lets them know your plans and include clear instructions on how they can attend. Younger guests will be savvy at getting online and logging onto the event, while older guests might not. Therefore, make instructions as simple as possible and provide a phone-in option for those without computers or who have trouble logging on.

Choose a Common Theme

Being apart is difficult, but there are ways to make everyone feel they are together. One of the best things to do is come up with a theme that allows everyone to participate. For example, perhaps it’s an English Garden Party, so everyone has fun hats and surrounds themselves with fresh-cut flowers. It might be an era theme such as the Roaring ‘20s or the 1960s. People can dress up in era-appropriate clothes and decorate their backdrop with fun images of the past. There’s even a program called “Minted” that allows you to create a virtual backdrop that makes it look like you’re all in the same place, which can be used with platforms like Zoom.

Plan Some Games

A bridal shower wouldn’t be one without games. This is easier to do virtually than you might think. Games such as “Name That Tune” with popular wedding first dances and love songs are lots of fun and easy to set up. Guests chime in to shout out the singer and song. You can also do famous love songs, being certain to include songs that have universal appeal instead of chart-toppers that older guests might not recognize. You can also do a form of karaoke where guests take turns singing a popular love song, but they aren’t allowed to say the word “love.” The bride can hold up cards with the lyrics, or share them on the chat side panel. Whenever someone sings the word “love,” mark it down, and the person with the least mistakes gets a prize, which can be delivered to their home.

Plan a Menu

Another way to keep everyone in sync is to enjoy the same food and drink. First, consider creating a signature cocktail that everyone can prepare at home. Send out the ingredients ahead of time so people can make it. Or, if you prefer, choose a common drink like sangria, or classic mimosas with champagne and orange juice. Choose a common food or, for fun, have everyone choose a different world cuisine, and you can talk about how you’re enjoying it.

The bride or shower planner can also look into a service that can arrange to deliver single servings to all involved, but this could be difficult with everyone being at different locations. The easiest plan is to send out a recipe so all can enjoy the same meal. It might be fun to see how everyone else’s plates look or share disaster stories some people might have had making it!

Share a Toast

Plan to have times for toasting the bride and for the bride to share some words of thanks.

Use Online Delivery for Gifts

Use the shower registry so people can purchase and send gifts. This way, the bride can open them in front of everyone and guests still get to see her reaction.

Have a Drive-by Option

For nearby guests, offer a drive-by option to visit via their cars. Guests can maintain their distance, drop off their gifts, and join the party via their phones or when they get home. This makes it a little more personal for the bride, who gets to see loved ones in person even if it’s from a distance.

Create a Video or a Slideshow

Creating a video featuring the bride and groom or even just the bride, since she’s the star of the day, is an excellent way to take a walk down memory lane. Have all the guests send images from their collections, and then the Maid of Honour (or someone who volunteers) can share a slideshow of memories. It’s a great way for everyone to bond.

Have an Event

Instead of basic online gathering, create an actual event. For example, have a sip and paint where everyone enjoys their win while an artist offers instructions on painting, or create an art project. Send a list of what everyone will need to be able to participate in. You can watch each other’s progress, and everyone has a keepsake of the occasion. Another idea would be a wine tasting. Provide a list of wines to try and have those who wish to join can taste them together. You might even be able to find a wine expert to join in and offer tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and what guests can expect in the flavour of the wine.

Have a Fashion Show

If the bride is willing, have her show off her dress. If she has made the purchase and won’t get to wear it in front of anyone, this might be a fun way for her to feel special.

Send Out Party Favours

Consider having some form of party favours delivered to each guest. This can be interactive to share at the party, such as customized bingo cards with the bride’s name as the letters, or an advanced “thank you” to guests for attending.

Although being apart from loved ones at one of the most important times of your life is hard, you can still create memories that will last a lifetime.

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