How to Pick a Wedding Florist

How to choose a florist for your wedding?

It’s finally your big day, and you’ve got everything planned and ready to pan out just as you imagined it – except for the one final touch that pulls everything together. The flowers!

Florals are essential in making any event visually appealing. Many may argue the secret to any stylish, put-together wedding is the florals. Considering how important florals are in shaping the visual environment of your wedding, hiring a professional florist who knows the perfect way to catch the attention of your guests and decorate the wedding of a lifetime is extremely necessary.

From figuring out your aesthetic right down to signing the final agreement, we have compiled a list of essential must-dos when deciding on the perfect florist for your dream wedding.

Choose Your Aesthetic

‘Before you begin weeding out wedding florists, you should know the aesthetic of your wedding that should give you a sense of the type of flowers you want. Your wedding’s aesthetic is also the theme – your style, mixed with your significant other’s, is put into decorations and tiny details throughout your wedding.

Floral arrangements can drastically change the environment of your venue. For instance, in a wedding with a romantic theme, plenty of florals will set the perfect mood with hanging rose chandeliers, pink floral centrepieces, and a flower wall. Cool and colourful floral arrangements are key to bringing out that bold but carefree nature for bohemian-style weddings. Having a specific theme or aesthetic can help your florist create beautiful, corresponding florals.

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget allows you to begin searching with specific requirements in mind, which can help shortlist potential florists. For a basic price point, start with 10 percent of your overall budget, increasing or decreasing to work around what you can afford.

Sit down with your future spouse and discuss the type of floral service you both are expecting to have. Are you expecting luxury, exotic flowers, or are you content with simple, less expensive arrangements? Depending on what you decide, your budget will have to match.

That is the ideal time to research average prices for wedding florists. Florist prices will vary widely, which is why you should discuss your price expectations with various florists to get a feel on what they can offer you within your budget.

Get Recommendations

One of the best tried-and-true ways to find a quality florist is by asking people you know for recommendations. Since you’ll likely have seen their work up close and personal, getting a firsthand recommendation is a great way to build trust in the quality and service of your florist.

Think of people around you, especially family or friends, who have planned weddings and events with floral arrangements and ask them about the florist they used. They may be able to give you their firsthand experience with the florist and offer to give you their contact info, creating less work for you to do in the long run in terms of researching.

Check Reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about a business, and you’ll want to make sure the florist you’re about to hire is someone who is going to take your demands seriously and provide excellent service throughout the entire process.

Before booking an appointment, check for past reviews online. If quality is your priority, search for companies with the most high-standing reviews and legitimate proof of good service.

If the reviews are mostly one-star and are from unsatisfied clients, you may want to listen to your instincts and look elsewhere. However, don’t shy away immediately if you find one or two unsatisfied reviews among several positive ones. Ask the florist what happened on those occasions and decide for yourself if they were in the right. The way they respond should let you know whether this florist is a smart decision for you.

Set an Appointment

Booking an appointment to discuss your specific needs with a potential florist is a good idea to measure out whether this florist will be able to provide you with what you are envisioning. In this appointment, you’ll be looking at samples of their work and getting a feel of your florist’s personality and work style.

Consider requesting a quick phone call with the florist as a sort of “orientation” meeting to discuss their services before meeting in person. A phone call should help you decide if it’s worth meeting in person and give you enough information before continuing with the decision to learn more.

Be Clear About Your Vision

Once you’re sure you’ve found the perfect florist for your wedding, it’s time to get things rolling. Every bride has a vision of how they want their wedding to play out, and you’ll want to explain every detail to your florist so that they can bring those dreams to life.

In the first official appointment, you’ll want to hash out every detail of what you expect from this service. For example, do you want a floral arch located at the venue’s entrance or a rose-scattered backdrop for photos? When do you need these projects completed? Be specific about what you’re looking for and the types of services you require from your florist, right down to schedules and what is expected on the day.

Read and Sign the Contract (Thoroughly!)

The last step in the process of choosing a wedding florist is signing the contract that they will offer you once you’ve decided their service is for you. Be sure to read through the contract thoroughly to understand what you will be getting from this arrangement fully.

If you’re not careful, you might easily look over any add-on fees like parking and labour costs that could cause you to go over your budget. Before signing, go over the contract with your florist in detail and make sure everyone is in mutual agreement with the prices and services being offered.

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