How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Event

How to plan an eco-friendly event

Eco-friendly events can be challenging, but going green ensures a memorable, enjoyable event that’s fun for your guests — and good for the planet.

While making sustainable choices for your event may feel inconvenient, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Event planners are increasingly seeking sustainable party options to help protect our planet while impressing their environmentally friendly guests.

So how does one go about going green? This blog has all the information you need to know to plan your own eco-friendly event.

The Goal of Going Green

Going green is a growing trend that’s more than simply fashionable and marketable. Today, sustainable practices have become the mantra of concerned government organizations, corporations, and citizens alike.

The driving force behind the global green revolution or your reasons for planning an eco-friendly event may be vastly different, but the goal is the same.

The goal of going green is to minimize the negative environmental impact by using fewer resources and reducing waste.

The Green Revolution and Your Going Green Event

The Green Revolution is largely driven by growing scientific evidence that global warming is a real, undeniable problem.

From looking to make a conscious effort to fit into our new eco-friendly social paradigm or simply to impress sustainably-minded guests or clients, there may be any number of reasons you’ve decided to host a green event.

Regardless of your reasons, your guests will surely be impressed by your social consciousness, and your event will undoubtedly set a positive example for others considering a green event of their own.

By employing our eco-friendly suggestions, you can be assured of a remarkable green event while potentially motivating your guests to do the same. With sustainability and social responsibility on everyone’s mind, there is no better time to make your eco-friendly event a platform for increasing public awareness.

5 Green Friendly Changes for a Spectacular Sustainable Soiree

While changing your entire event-planning approach may not happen overnight, below are five meaningful changes to significantly reduce your event’s environmental impact.

Going green is becoming a core part of our social consciousness and the tips and tricks listed here will assist you in creating a spectacular and sustainable event that will save you money while saving the planet.

1) Pick a green venue

Your sustainability checklist begins with your choice of venue and location. Choose an event venue in Toronto that can be easily accessed by public transportation or close to a city center.

For late evenings or multi-day events, it is important to consider eco-friendly accommodation options. The green goal is to avoid unnecessary commutes and reduce your event’s carbon footprint by suggesting carpooling or hiring a shuttle.

While choosing a destination venue for your event may be tempting, opting for a local venue with a destination theme reduces the need for air travel.

Set an example by having an event close to home which can be made exotic by a carefully chosen theme with sustainable and authentic decorations to create the atmosphere of being in an exotic location.

2) Consider your vendors

When hosting a sustainable event, ask potential vendors about their sustainability practices. An increasing number of vendors are adopting eco-friendly approaches and putting initiatives in place to create further cost-efficiencies for your event.

It is also important to consider the items (party favours or food) you need and, whenever possible, determine if they can be procured locally.

It’s always great to choose non-imported items from local food caterers and farmers; in addition to creating a farm-to-fork freshness vibe, it also reduces your carbon footprint with fewer wasteful food miles.

Finally, consider using catering services with vegan options, which will likely help reduce your costs while taking advantage of products that can be sourced locally for increased freshness and authenticity.

If you’ve chosen a green event venue in Toronto, talk to them about their in-house catering options to see if they already offer vegan or vegetarian catering.

3) Waste management plan

A waste management plan is a simple step to significantly reduce your event’s carbon footprint. Have clearly labelled waste stations for your guests. Avoid disposable, single-use items, and your venue uses compostable items whenever possible.

Plans should be made to compost all bio-degradable items and remove recyclable waste, and arrangements can be made to donate leftover food to local rescue organizations.

4) Reduce paper usage and go green, digitally

Cut costs and reduce waste by eliminating printed materials, including invites, badges, lanyards, venue maps, agendas, and brochures.

Instead of printing event materials, post them on your website and social media. In addition to reducing waste and saving money, it also makes future revisions easier.

Avoid paper tickets and registration forms and replace them with efficient, paperless ticketing apps.

Finally, consider replacing posters and banners with reusable digital signs for future events. If paper products or promotional items are needed, use eco-friendly alternatives like recycled or handmade paper.

Whenever possible, turn to technology that offers endless innovative solutions to impress your attendees while reducing costs and needless waste.

5) Share your green goals with guests

It’s important to let your attendees know the measures you have taken to ensure that your event is eco-friendly.

Share your goals with your guests so they understand how they can help keep the event sustainable and enjoy the feeling of participating in an eco-friendly event.

Make a note on the bottom of your bio-degradable or digital invite, or use social media to tell everyone how they can contribute and help you with your green goals.

The Best Eco-Friendly Event Venue in Toronto

Now you are ready to reduce your carbon footprint, run a spectacular and sustainable eco-friendly event, and help others realize the importance of going green!

To learn more about how Château Le Jardin offers the perfect event venue in Toronto or banquet hall for your eco-friendly event in Vaughan and across the GTA, call us at 289-236-2572 or send us a message here.

We can’t wait to help you organize the perfect event!

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