How to Plan an Unforgettable Office Holiday Party

How to plan an unforgettable office holiday party

Creating a sense of team spirit among employees in today’s competitive workplace is more important than ever.

This post will help you to plan a corporate holiday party that inspires camaraderie through some good old-fashioned office fun. No matter how structured your office is, an end-of-year party can ring in the new year with a bang and bring colleagues together for a festive gathering.

Follow our tips below to ensure you execute the perfect shindig that will be a water cooler topic well into the new year. We have compiled tips from some of the best event planners in town to make certain that your bash will be a hit.

Think of the big picture, and nail down the high-level priorities we have listed below.

Set a Budget

Setting a corporate holiday party budget is the first step and key to determining many elements of your party.

Every aspect will be affected by your budget, including entertainment, food, corporate event venue, decorations, and transportation.

Choose a Location and Date

When planning an office holiday party, it’s essential to choose a date that will ensure maximum attendance. Although it may be tempting to pick a date before a big holiday, employees’ calendars are likely already full of family plans, vacations, and time off.

Investigate a general consensus about the date by conducting an office survey. Be sure to communicate the event’s date and theme early in the planning process to ensure attendance.

The corporate event venue is perhaps the most important element of a holiday office party. To ensure success, every detail of your corporate event must reflect your brand’s goals and objectives.

A meaningful, truly engaging experience reflects well on both you and your business. It should be easier for you to plan or oversee an event if you choose a winning corporate event venue. If the venue is not a hit, it will likely dictate the tone for the entire event.

Château Le Jardin offers a sophisticated, professional setting along with an experienced team of event planners who offer premium service in a state-of-the-art facility.

In addition, we leverage our extensive network of quality vendors to deliver the tools you will need to create a next-level experience for your event.

Create a Concept and Theme

What type of work holiday party are you planning? Creating a theme is a great way to engage everyone and get them involved. In order to book a corporate event venue on your chosen date, begin your planning in early fall at the latest.

In addition, give each member of your planning committee a firm deadline for completing their tasks.

This will help to keep things on track with your theme and concept. Decide whether you want the party to be formal or informal, and talk to our social event experts about menus and fun activities.

Examples of holiday-related themes include:

  • White Christmas
  • The Roaring 20s
  • Silver Bells
  • Casino Theme
  • Winter Wonderland

Food First: A Party Priority

Determining the menu is an essential aspect of corporate holiday party planning. What do people often talk about before, during, and after an event?

The food! First, you need to make sure that the menu is something your employees will enjoy and that it is within your budget.

Decide whether the event will be seated with plated meals, more casual with a buffet, or a variety of hors d’oeuvres. A sit-down meal, buffet, or served hors d’oeuvres are the standard meal options for most events.

In addition, it is important to check with your team to see if anyone has any dietary restrictions. When speaking with your venue, be sure to let them know of these restrictions to ensure everyone’s needs are accommodated.

Chateau Le Jardin will tailor the menu to meet the needs of your corporate occasion.

Signature Cocktails

Looking to make a splash and serve up a signature cocktail? This is a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday party.

When naming your cocktail, try to relate it back to the holidays or incorporate some office humour or an inside joke.


Free food and drinks at an event go a long way to making your guests happy. In order to make it a night to remember, however, the activities need to be enticing.

Keep your guests engaged and entertained by incorporating some fun activities such as:

  • A 360 photo booth
  • Live aerialists and fire performers
  • Holiday-themed team-building games
  • Office trivia
  • Dancing and karaoke
  • Strolling entertainers and greeters

A Safe Ride Home

Office parties present an opportunity to blow off some steam and indulge. When alcohol is served, though, it is the responsibility of the host to make sure everyone gets home safely.

It is vital that at the end of the evening, employers cover their liability by reinforcing the importance of sober driving and reimburse staff for taxi rides, or other responsible driving choices.

Crafting a Successful Holiday Party

The above tips should provide the basics on how to plan a corporate holiday party.

Keep in mind that this event is for the company’s employees, so do something fun for them to show them your appreciation.

For additional corporate party venue ideas, catering, and more, contact the party planning professionals at Chateau le Jardin today to discuss an event for your holiday party this year!

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